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How to Install Handheld Shower Head with Slide Bar: Step By Step Guide

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For making your bath a lot more comfortable as well as easy, a handheld shower is a must. It allows controlling the water pressure and lets you reach in every single part of your body, which is the best thing ever! On the other hand, a regular shower is unable to reach every part of your body!

Considering the matter, you're wondering to install a new handheld shower with a slide bar by eliminating the backdated stuff. But, the process of installing is unknown to you, right?

Well, you will be happy to hear that you don't even need to hire a plumber to install! As it is a kind of DIY project, you can easily set a handheld shower in your tub by yourself. Just make sure to read the whole piece of writing about how to install handheld shower head with slide bar.

Benefits of Using the Handheld Shower Instead Of the Regular Shower

Before moving on to the installation process, you need to why a handheld shower is more beneficial than a regular shower. These are:

•It is handy, you don't even need to stand while showering. You can complete the bathing tasks by taking a seat.

•Rather efficient for the parents who want to bathe their children.

•Ideal for elders and for one who is disabled.

•Pet owners feel more comfortable while bathing their pets, as it is burden-free.
•After completing the bathing tasks, you can rinse out the tub with ease.

Tools that Required

Here is a quick list of what pieces of equipment you need to start working:

•Shower head tools
•Adjustable wrench
•Regular tape or as well as a Teflon tape
•A toothbrush
•A piece of rag or towel

Shut the Water Line Off

Before starting, make sure to turn off the waterline. You can shut it from the main or either can turn off the line from your tub. Now, be ready for the final act!

Step by Step Guide of How to Install Handheld Shower Head with Slide Bar

The way of installing a handheld shower is not much hard as you think. Just make sure that you have got all the necessary tools in your hand. Now, we are going to provide the step by step guide of how to install handheld shower head with slide bar:

Step-1: Eliminate the Existing Shower Head

When you are going to install the new one, make sure to remove the old shower first. With your bare hand, you can turn it counterclockwise.

In case you feel that the shower head is too tight, then it is obvious that it has been installed for long. It is better to give your hands on the wrench for instance. If you want to get the maximum benefit from a wrench, then it is better to wrap up the teeth of it by using regular tape.

Grab the wrench to unscrew the head of the shower till it is twisting swiftly. If you feel that it is loose, then you can take it off by using your hand.

Step-2: Ready Up the New Shower Arm

Go for the next step, it is to prepare the new shower arm. Use a regular toothbrush or even cloth to rub off all the debris, dust as well as make sure to remove the old Teflon tape from the shower arm area. Use a little bit of water to clean correctly, then pick out the cloth for wiping it.

Now, apply the new Teflon tape to wrap it up firmly over the thread area for around 3 to 5 folds. Keep in mind that you don't need to wrap the tape all over the area, just make sure you're wrapping around the thread area. You can use the fingers to rub the tape area, make it stiff. Now, your shower arm is prepared to have the latest shower head installed.

Step-3: Attach the Slide Bar

It is also known as a holder or bracket. You have to install it directly to the arm. Adjust the holder to the new shower arm thread and make sure to tighten it by using your hands. Now, the holder or bracket (whatever you say) is prepared. It arrives with one opening to fit with your handheld shower head.

Step-4: Install the Shower Head and Hose

You may have to find out which part connects to what, as there are a couple of hoses, which come with a difference in the opening. If the showerhead is connected wrongly to the other side, it will be unable to match with the holder. So, be careful!

After finding the right side, make sure to install the hose as well as the wand to the hose. It is time to pick out the wrench again to tighten the nut, but not too much! While tightening the conical nut, we prefer to use your hands only.

Step-5: Fix the Slide Bar

Fix a perfect place to install the slide bar on the wall. It is designed to hold the shower head conveniently. Make sure to choose an average place so that everyone can put the shower head into the slide bar after completing the bathe. You can pick that one which can be moved to adjust to a short, average, or even a tall shower user.

Step-6: Check Out the Leakage

After completing the installation task, let's check out for any leak. Look at both ends of the hose to ensure the whole area has got a leak, or not. Tighten the connection a bit more if you see the leakage. If you are feeling it doesn't work, uninstall the connection as soon as possible and then use a bit more Teflon tape on the thread area and re-install it.

If you can't even see any kind of leakage, then we are giving a 'BIG' congratulations to you, as you've accomplished the whole procedure successfully!

Expert Tip Regarding the Handheld Shower Head

Clean the mouth of the shower head regularly (if possible). For cleaning purposes, you can either use a regular toothbrush or a piece of clean cloth.

Final Words

Take a deep bathe by your new handheld shower after completing the tiring workday. See, the way of installing a handheld shower head was a piece of cake! From now, you can do this job with ease, if you've gone through the entire write-up about how to install handheld shower head with slide bar.

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