20 Awesome Modern Guest Bathroom Ideas in 2023

The bathroom is the sanctuary of the house. It is a place where people can unwind, freshen up, or begin their day. As a homeowner, the bathroom is a haven. Therefore, it’s understandable that the guest bathroom should have that same feeling of tranquility.

If you are looking for modern guest bathroom ideas for your bathroom decor, we have suggestions for providing guests with a warm welcome in the guest bath. These include built-in storage, two-toned walls, gold accents, and bright tones to name a few.

Whether you are having a large event or family and friends are visiting, the guest bathroom is one of the first places they will use and see throughout their visit. Yet this area can be one of the most underwhelming areas in the house thanks to uninspiring decor. Here, we’ll help you find the best guest bathroom inspiration with this list of modern bathroom ideas.

20 Awesome Modern Guest Bathroom Ideas

Modern Guest Bathroom Ideas

No matter the color and size of your guest bathroom, there are several ways to decorate your guest bath to make it feel homey. Some may require you to do more of an overhaul, while other suggestions will provide tips on maximizing space.

From adding space to bold color choices, there are easy ways to upgrade your guest bathroom, whether you want a minimalist bathroom or a wooden vanity.

1. Built-in Storage

No matter the size of your guest bathroom, it is always a good idea to have extra storage space. Too many homeowners dismiss adding extra storage, figuring people are just visiting for a short time. However, whether it is one day or two weeks, it is always nice for a guest to have extra space to place their toiletries.

This is also great if you have a smaller bathroom with little extra space. Some people add storage into the wall space behind the shower. This allows you to go deeper than just having a simple shelving system.

This storage idea involves finding a spot to place recessed shelves. This area can be used for extra towels and bathroom essentials. It keeps the area neat, tidy, and uncluttered.

2. Make a Statement … Wall

Bathroom Wall

This can be done in several ways. First, you can incorporate two-toned walls in the bathroom. This means the bottom half is one solid color while the top sports a patterned wallpaper. It can be used throughout the space or on a single wall for added interest. 

Another tip to try is using an accent wall. If the bathroom is a single (boring) color, you can add that splash of excitement by painting one wall a complimenting color. This is a great way to liven up the space without spending a lot of money.

The third tip is, well, black and white! This timeless color combination is frequently used in bathrooms. It can be done by adding black lighting, trim, and hardware to create depth and contrast. Another way to do it is to paint the walls white, then use a sponge dipped in black. The sponge can be dabbed on the wall with a half twist, producing a marbling effect.

This look is most effective in bathrooms with a lot of natural light coming in. If it is on the darker side, you may not want to do this look, as the bathroom may appear smaller. If the black is too dark on the walls, you can also use a stone spray lightly over the black to lighten the walls up a bit. It gives a nice finished look.

You can also add floor-to-ceiling tiling or stone. This is a trending design and has a practical cleaning element to it. The visual advantage is that it draws your eye upward to make the bathroom look more spacious. For more information on the 5 types of stone that work well for bathroom walls then check out this article I wrote here.

3. Gold Accents

This tip is more for if you want to incorporate only slight changes to the guest bathroom. Gold accents in the form of faucets, hardware, lights, and gold-edged mirrors can add a little bit of elegance to a modern bathroom. You can also consider bathroom mirrors with lights, I wrote an article on these here.

4. Bright and Warm Tones

If your guest bathroom is white, you can mix light and dark by using wooden accents all over the room. You can do a wooden blind, wooden rack or shelving unit, wooden hamper, or wooden board in the bathtub. Using a patterned rug on a hardwood floor or beige tiling completes the look.

5. Marble Designs

If the bathroom contains an arched design or entrance, consider incorporating marbling as an accent feature. You can also upgrade this area with a recessed square in the bathroom, add a marble trim to the window, or place a marble shower bench at the end of the stall.

For added flair, place a towel rack beside the marble bench if the shower stall is long enough. This design also goes great with marble countertops, but be sure not to overdo the look.

6. Bold Flooring

If the room is one color, you may want to add that “pop” by switching up your flooring to generate interest. Choose a bold tile color and/or design to pop against your walls. The best colors, depending on the palate, are primary colors.

7. Makeup Vanity

This tends to be a feature most appreciated by guests. Placing a vanity along an unused corner in a bathroom will establish a designated spot for your guests to get ready. Stools can easily tuck under a vanity when not in use. This creates floor space.

This can also be used with extra counter space or extending the countertop. All you need to do is add to your existing countertop. Leave an opening for a chair and add a large mirror for guests to get ready in. Smaller sliding drawers can be placed underneath the countertop for added storage.

You can also provide a makeup organizer for a larger vanity that some guests who stay longer may appreciate.

8. Grand Display

Installing a chandelier above your tub adds extra drama and splendor to a room. Incorporating a runner in a warm hue also creates a cozy contrast.

If you have a large or bay window, guests can take advantage of natural light that comes streaming into the room. This looks especially incredible paired with a modern, standalone tub.

9. Comfortable Seating

For large bathrooms, nothing says luxury like adding a sitting area. You can separate the bathroom into two sections, using one side for relaxation and the other for getting ready, freshening up, and other bathroom business.

This can even be as simple as adding a high back chair, settee, or bench seating.

10. Natural Light

Bathroom Natural Light

Bathrooms should feel bright and airy. Large windows are great for creating this appearance. Alcoves in bay windows will provide tons of natural light or storage space. You can also have a freestanding tub in the middle with towels hung on racks along the flanking walls.

A stool can be placed by the tub for toiletries. For added color, have a seat with a cushion that matches the color of the towels.

11. LED Lighting

It isn’t enough just to have any old lighting in the bathroom. While it is an important part of any bathroom design, the lighting itself may appear unflattering and harsh if not done properly. Consider adding LED backlighting for a glamorous appearance for built-in showers.

It will create a soothing, welcoming glow for guests having nighttime showers, and creates additional lighting in places lacking natural light.

If you have a smaller bathroom then you don’t have many options to work with. So, you’ll have to consider a lot. Besides, not having proper lighting in your bathrooms can make them look even smaller.

And here’s where we make things easier for you. In this article, we’ve prepared the best lighting for small bathroom so that you don’t face much of a problem.

12. Double Mirrors with Accent Lights

If you have dual sinks, create symmetry by using two mirrors instead of one. Each mirror can be placed above the sink with accent lights flanking the sides of the mirror. Tall mirrors will add height to the room, and the look itself will offer a bit of symmetry to the room.

13. Open Plans

This one is a bold statement for any bathroom, but it looks incredible. It incorporates three large rectangular windows along one wall with double-sized square ones along the walls, flooding the room with light.

A light gray can be used to decorate the room. Try placing a stand-alone bathtub by the window with a minimalistic wooden table for toiletries and towels.

You can install two showers with black fixtures on the other side of the room if it is large enough. These should be discretely installed on opposing sides to keep the focus on the stunning bathtub and view. For more information on black bathroom fixtures then check this article I wrote here.

The bathroom is completed with pivoting glass doors. These doors can be left open to maximize airflow and light from wrap-around windows.

14. Industrial Partitions

Homeowners don’t have to stick to a single style when constructing a bathroom. You can create an eclectic feel by using a black, bold, metal grid glass in the form of a partition for spacious showers. It creates contrast to a polished, soft bathroom containing decorative finishes.

A French door with glass squares adds an extra nice touch. The door can be rimmed with a dark, bold black for added interest.

15. Pass Throughs

If you have a long and narrow corridor-style bathroom, you will want to leave your central alleyway free from any items to keep sightlines clear and for circulation. For a bold flair, add a soft, mint green to the walls and leave the ceiling and trim white. Use a white cabinet with white trimmed mirrors and sconces. Tall ladder-like racks can be added.

Tie in the look with two rectangular mats in emerald green. Plants can also be used to add that pop of color to the room.

bathroom pass throughs

16. Divided Room

While open rooms provide an airy feel and flood the area with natural light, there is something to be said about adding a dividing wall. Open bathrooms are trendy, yet for shared bathrooms, guests may appreciate distinctive zones for privacy when needed.

Some separate the toilet/shower/bath area from the sink/vanity area to create separate places to get ready.

Also, instead of fully separating the two areas, for some bathrooms you can add a dark wall to the toilet area, separating it from the vanity/cabinet area. This acts as a privacy wall. The walls surrounding the toilet can be the same color as the partitioning wall.

White can be used for the flooring and over the sinks. The wall can be in the same hue as the partitioning wall for added interest.

17. Fake Windows

Rectangular faux windows can be added above cabinets to mimic real windows. Sliding glass doors on each side of the bathroom create the perspective of a bouncing natural light while maximizing views.

18. Built-in Tubs

Free-standing sculptural tubs are trending right now. But using a classic built-in tub to create a streamlined appearance provides a great look and an easy way to keep the area clean. You can also add a ledge to one wall so guests can place their toiletries on it or you can provide items that guests may need during their stay.

19. Odd Angles

Depending on the layout, some bathrooms contain odd angles that create unusable space. As a homeowner, you have two options: work with it, or hate it forever. Awkward angles don’t have to be despised, though, as you can turn them into a decorative feature.

Showers can be installed using a variety of odd angles. Use this oddity as a feature by incorporating glass doors and a darker tiling pattern to compliment light-colored walls.  The clear shower glass creates a streamlined look and opens up the space.

Bathroom Odd Angles

20. A Little Pitchy

If your guest bathroom is on the top floor, you may be contending with the pitch of the roof. This doesn’t have to be wasted space. To brighten the room, consider adding a skylight and placing a stand-alone tub close to or underneath it.

While guests are soaking in the tub at night, they can stargaze. It also adds a romantic feel to the room.

Shorter walls can be used for storage purposes or to add a towel rack. You can also use a lower bench or a short table where toiletries, extra towels, etc., can be placed. Hooks will allow guests to hang up towels or clothes for use. More information on freestanding bathtub fillers can be found in this article I wrote.

Final Thoughts

By using these modern guest bathroom ideas, you can take your area from understated to a tranquil oasis that is perfect for visitors. Guests should feel comfortable in this space, and you can up the wow factor by making a few simple changes. Also, many of these designs can work in oddly shaped bathrooms while maximizing space.

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