Top 5 Best Handheld Shower Head for Pleasure in 2020

Finding the very best handheld shower head for pleasure should be part of any bathroom renovation or upgrade project for your home. Did you know that the average person spends more than two and a half full days in the shower each and every year? Make your time count by kicking tepid, low-pressure water to the kerb, and upgrading to one of our selections for the handheld shower head for pleasure!

Hydrotherapy is the use of water for symptom relief and the alleviation of a variety of conditions. A good showerhead will use warm water to provide the targeted pain relief that helps ease a range of muscle skeletal conditions. Massage settings, temperature controls, and high-pressure flow from your showerhead make showering a soothing and relaxing experience. Pause functions also help you to lather up so you can clean yourself properly as well.

Showering, of course, should be pleasurable as it has so many benefits for your entire household including:

  1. Keeping clean efficiently - A pleasurable shower will help you get totally clean, especially if you use a drenching large diameter or rainfall showerhead.
  1. Improved circulation - Warm water and pressurized flow work excellently to stimulate your circulation, opening capillaries and moving your blood to the skin. 
  1. Better skin condition - lathering and scrubbing lifts dead skin and stimulates your complexion.
  1. De-stress - after a hard day’s work an evening shower can help you unwind and sleep soundly.

  1. Save on water and energy - showering typically uses less water than bathing. So you can take that little bit longer with the best handheld shower head without feeling guilty.

Here are our selections for the very best handheld shower head for pleasure.

PRODUCT FEATURES Couradric showerhead: 

●6-inch diameter head
●Up to 6 spray settings
●High-density plastic with brushed nickel finish
●A flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute
●Dimensions in inches:11 x 6 x 2
●Weight: 1.88 pounds
●Limited Lifetime Warranty

Couradric showerhead Overview

This high-quality showerhead is sleek, practical and equipped with everything you need for a pleasurable showering experience. Though made from plastic (ABS) it is well finished with a brushed nickel effect that will look smart in any bathroom. It offers 6 settings that are ideal for soothing and relaxing tired muscles or having a quick refresh and thorough clean:

●Bubbling rain setting
●Power setting
●Shampoo rinse
●Pulsating water
●Water saver
●Bubbling water

Whether used overhead or in the hand this shower will provide an excellent pressurized flow. The brass mount is also a welcome addition. It is also quick and easy to install, with a long chrome hose and the tape and washers you will need.

In conclusion.
This smart showerhead is flying off the shelves as it performs just as described for the vast majority of purchasers. It also looks great over a bath or within a shower enclosure. An excellent buy!

PRODUCT FEATURES AquaDance 3-Way Rain Showerhead:

●Dual overhead and handheld shower set
●3-way shower setting, use either overhead or handheld alone, or both together.
●6 settings on each showerhead
●7 inch overhead rainfall showerhead
●Sharp chrome finish
●Flow rate is 2.5 GPM
●Unit weight is 2.2 pounds

Overview of AquaDance 3-Way Rain Showerhead

This certainly is a smart little unit that will work in any home. The combination set provides excellent value and enables you to take pleasure in an overhead or handheld shower experience. Perhaps you will enjoy a super drench with both shower-heads at the same time. Everything you need for an easy installation is included, with a generous length of quality hose provided.

In conclusion.

This duo showerhead set is excellent value and popular online buy. From packaging to final install great quality is expressed throughout.

PRODUCT FEATURES Delta Faucet Dual Hand Held Shower Head

●Dual handheld showerhead
●Hose included
●Chrome finish
●5 shower spray settings
●Product weight 2.51 pounds
●A water flow rate of 2.5 GPM
●Limited Lifetime Warranty

Overview Delta Faucet In2ition Dual Hand Held Shower Head

Delta Faucet is a reputable brand and has created a unique luxury Handheld shower design that cleverly combines a hand-held showerhead and outer overhead fitting. This is the ideal combination for a pleasurable and invigorating shower with 5 powerful settings that all the family can enjoy.  Choose from:

●Full spray
●Full spray and massage
●Slow massage
●Pause function

In conclusion.

Reviewers love the quick installation and smart finish of this showerhead. A quick tip: remove the flow restriction within the showerhead to enjoy maximum water flow. Otherwise, it may be disappointing.

PRODUCT FEATURES Of Wall-mounted shower system

●Thin rainfall showerhead
●Handheld showerhead
Bathtub faucet
●Shower arm
●70-inch shower hose
●Mixer control valve
●2.5 gallons per minute flow rate
●12.55-pound weight

Overview Wall-mounted shower system

This set can be installed as part of a luxury bathroom install and provides everything you need to enjoy the best handheld shower head over a bath. Not only do you have a sleek angular metal effect ABS handheld showerhead, but you also have everything needed for a luxury bathing and showering experience.

The brass mixer unit also ensures that your water temperature is just right every time. Installing this beautiful set is not for the faint of heart as you will need considerable plumbing experience or a pro to get things just right.

In conclusion.

This is a top-notch spa unit and just what you need if you are looking to create an exceptional bathroom. User ratings run high for this set which is a popular pick for a statement ensuite or bathroom.

PRODUCT FEATURES 7-setting Handheld Showerhead:

●4.5 inch light-up showerhead
●Handheld showerhead or fix overhead
●LED temperature light
○Blue - cool
○Green - ideal temperature
○Red -hot
○Red - too hot
●Light effect powered by water flow
●Shower hose included
●Flow rate of 2.5 gallons per min.
●Product weight 1.2 pounds
●Limited Lifetime Warranty

Overview of 7-setting Handheld Showerhead:

This luxury handheld showerhead features bright LED lights that are sure to become popular with your family. Water powered LEDs indicate your water temperature to keep you safe and comfortable. In addition this luxury showerhead features 7 pleasurable settings for a satisfying clean. The set includes a shower hose, so you have everything needed for a quick and easy upgrade.

In conclusion.
This is a cheap and easy upgrade for your shower and the bright LEDs are a great touch which is sure to be popular with the entire household.

Best handheld showerhead for pleasure buyers guide. 

It is well worth shopping around for the best handheld shower as you will be using it every day. The market for shower heads is vast and it can be difficult to know where to start in finding the showerhead that will work for your entire household. We have saved you the hassle of researching by reviewing some of the most popular pleasure shower heads on the market. Find yours by following our 7 point buyers guide.

What to look for when choosing the best handheld shower head for pleasure:

1.Water pressure is the making of a pleasurable shower. No matter what the reported features are, your showerhead will not work without a decent flow rate, as measured in gallons per minute.

A low flow, low-pressure shower is a miserable experience especially if it's cold, so ensure you invest in a pressure generating showerhead. Some showerheads are designed to boost pressure, otherwise, you will have to ensure that your mains pressure is up to scratch. 

2.The number of shower settings. Having varied shower settings will make your shower so much more refreshing and pleasing. A premium showerhead should provide a variety of settings by push button or rotating the showerhead. Your ideal showerhead settings include:

3.Diameter. A large diameter showerhead of over 6 inches is one of the most luxurious and pleasurable upgrades you can make. A large showerhead totally drenches the body for a fully invigorating clean.

This type of showerhead is also known as a rainfall showerhead and will be a serious upgrade for your home.

4.Combination showerheads. If you are buying a new showerhead, why not opt for a combination set. There are some great duo showerheads that combine a powerful handheld showerhead with a large fixed showerhead, for the best of both!

5.Materials. Chrome, brass and oiled metal finishes will always add a touch of class to any bathroom. Look for metals wherever possible and high-quality plastic as an alternative.

6.Ease of installation. Installing a handheld showerhead should be simple. Look for units that come complete with a good quality shower hose and plumbing basics like waterproof tape to get the job done.

7.Style. If you appreciate minimalism a gaudy LED showerhead is not going to work for your home. Also if you like classic styling a vintage or retro chrome design for your showerhead may be just right for you! 

Difference between Couradric,Artbath,AquaDance,Delta Faucet,Oleah Showerhead 





Delta Faucet










Overhead + Handheld

Overhead + Handheld

Overhead + Handheld

Overhead + Handheld + Bath faucet + Mixer

Number of settings






Hose length

72 inches

59 inches

60 inches

72 inches

70 inches


Limited Lifetime

Limited Lifetime

Limited Lifetime

Limited Lifetime

5 year

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1.How do I keep my showerhead clean? 

Most modern showerheads are designed to be easy to maintain and it should be no different with your handheld shower head for pleasure. Look for good quality rubber nozzles that can be rubbed clean to dislodge the mineral build-ups from daily use. A daily wipe after use should keep your showerhead looking its best.

2.Is there any way in which I can improve my water pressure for showering? 

Some new showerheads come with a water-saving device within the showerhead that can be readily removed for better flow. If your water pressure is still not so great, you may need to do a little bit of plumbing work and install a shower impeller pump for an added boost to your shower. 

3.Can I use my  handheld shower head for pleasure with my electric shower unit? 

Yes! Simply unscrew your existing showerhead and screw in your new luxury one!

4.Can I use my new handheld showerhead over my bathtub? Why not? 

Again adding one our picks for the best handheld shower heads to your shower over bath will add a touch of luxury to your bathing! Make sure that you can also attach your shower head to the wall so you can take a shower while standing too. 

Rounding up.

Investing in a great showerhead is a great way of making showering more than a mundane task. It's a simple and cost-effective upgrade but can really enhance your bathroom. We hope that one of these best handheld shower head for pleasure will make your bathroom the most popular space in your home! Thanks for reading. We would welcome any feedback and thoughts on these showerheads. Feel free to drop a line in the comments section below. Happy showering!

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