How To Enclose A Clawfoot Tub Steps By Steps Process

Say your friend’s new place has a bathtub, your envy is justified. It’s a dream to own a bathtub to soak in, while listening to your favorite music on Bluetooth. It’s an under-budget spa experience without breaking the bank. Clawfoot tubs are not only expensive, but they also cost one-fifth of their cost to install, …

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Top 10 Best Shower Doors for Small Bathrooms: Reviews In 2021

Shower Doors for small bathroom

To have a luxurious bathroom in your house, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a spacious one. Although you will find it difficult to look for bathroom fixtures and hardware that will fit perfectly in your small bathroom, you can find hardware that is extravagant and convenient at the same time. While renovating your bathrooms …

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Top 14 Best Bathroom Hardware Sets With Reviews In 2021

Choosing the best hardware for the bathroom is essential for your family’s well being and beauty. The best bathroom hardware includes several outfits, including bathroom shelves, hooks, cabinets, towel bars, rings, and toilet papers.Each item has its vital importance in your dream bathroom. The good news is that there is no shortage of these essential …

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Top 10 Best Blankets for the Homeless People On A Shoestring Budget

Blankets for homeless People

Since peak winters are approaching, we might see many homeless people out on the streets without proper shelter and warmth resources. Many people get generous around the holidays time and donate warm clothes to the homeless. Still, recently, some philanthropist organizations have started giving away free blankets to provide a semi-permanent solution. They call it …

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Best Vitamin-C Shower Filters Reviews With Benefits

Vitamin C Shower filter

If it’s not drinkable, it’s not shower-able either, period. Nobody knows what kind of chemicals and toxins are added to our water system for “purification purposes”. You can’t see most of these pollutants with naked eyes but your skin can feel them. And if the water is high on chlorine, your nose will let you …

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Standard Shower Curtain Sizes: What Size Do You Need?


Choosing the STANDARD SHOWER CURTAIN SIZES can be a job for new homeowners. The decoration is what gives the elegant touch or a bad taste to your shower. Even the most experienced homeowners find it challenging to choose the best way.Choosing a curtain for your shower can be considered an interior design job. You will …

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Best Lighting for Small Bathroom: Lighting Ideas for Small bathroom

Best Lighting for Small Bathroom

Normally, when dealing with smaller bathrooms, you don’t have many options to work with. So, you’ll have to consider a lot. Besides, not having proper lighting in your bathrooms can make them look even smaller.As there’s not much space on smaller bathrooms, you’ll have to think out of the box always. Here, creativity is the …

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