What Is The Best Size For A Vessel Sink?

Vessel sinks have grown in popularity as a sink option for modern bathrooms over the past several years but what is the best size for a vessel sink? We’ve done some research to see how to size a vessel sink for your vanity, and we’ll go into more detail about this in this post.

Before beginning your search for a new vanity, it’s critical to understand what size vessel sink will work best for it. The normal width range for vessel sinks is 14 to 23 inches. A vessel sink’s length will normally fall between 13 and 20 inches, and its depth can range from 4 to 8 inches.

What is the best size for a vessel sink

The vanity and sink are usually the bathroom’s two main focus pieces. It seems obvious that you would want to select the appropriate style and size combination for your new sink. For additional information on vessel sink size and design issues, keep reading.

How To Choose The Right Size Vessel Sink

How to choose the right size vessel sink

Measure the width and length of your countertop to ensure that the vessel sink will fit comfortably on your vanity countertop. To determine how much of your counter space the sink will take up, measure the sink at its broadest points. The largest points, even if it tapers to the bottom will indicate how much room the sink will take up.

Bathroom vanities typically range in size from 18 to 17 inches wide and 32 to 36 inches height. For vanity countertops, the National Kitchen and Bath Association suggests a height range of 32 to 43 inches. Users can choose a comfortable height within this range.

To avoid the sink sitting too high and in an uncomfortable position you should take into account the height of your vanity as well as the height of your sink. It is advisable to use a lower vanity unit if you want to use a vessel sink so that the top can be about 36 inches off the floor.

Most vessel sinks are top-mounted, therefore a regular 4-inch-tall faucet won’t be high enough to fit the sink because of this. It’s likely that you’ll need to get a faucet tall enough to reach above the vessel sink. Typically, these faucets are either wall-mounted or mounted on the vanity’s top deck. They can be anywhere between 8 and 12 inches tall.

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What Is A Standard Size Bathroom Sink

There are no set dimensions for bathroom sinks, although there are some common ranges. Typically, you can find the ideal sink for any bathroom.

The diameter of a round sink typically ranges from 16 to 20 inches. Rectangular sinks are typically between 5 and 8 inches deep and between 16 and 23 inches broad. The actual sink depth is measured from the top of the basin to the drain. Standard sink heights for pedestal and console sinks range from 29 to 36 inches.

Do Vessel Sinks Save Space

Do vessel sinks save space

More Space For Storage

Vessel sinks, particularly in small bathrooms or powder rooms, can help free up space for storage because they sit above the counter. The lack of storage in powder rooms, which are often much smaller than full bathrooms, could be a drawback.

A powder room will still require enough storage for the necessary necessities and comforts to make your guests feel at home, even while it doesn’t need to contain the accumulation of toiletries, makeup, and first-aid supplies found in a master bathroom.

Smaller Than Your Average Vanity

Typical vanities are at least 18′′ wide, which is terrible if that’s more than the space you have available. The fact that vessel sinks can fit on some extremely small places makes them useful. In contrast to conventional sink’s, vessel sinks expand your bathroom’s area.

They are not just confined to big cabinets; they may be fitted on many different kinds of vanities. Regardless of the available space, vessel sinks can provide the functionality you require.

No Vanity Required

When you take into account the fact that no vanity is necessary, vessel sinks are the ultimate bathroom space saver! You can either make your own storage somewhere or do without it altogether, replacing it with this straightforward plumbing component.

Glass vessel sinks are like works of art, especially when they stand out on their own and serve as the centerpiece of your newly renovated bathroom. When picking a vessel sink, there are many various materials to choose, but glass is a highly popular option.


By far, the most important factor to take into account when trying to determine what the best size is for a vessel sink is considering the vessel sink height, vanity height and the user’s height. A good place to start is by checking the height of your vanity to determine whether your new vessel sink will fit at a comfortable height for the user.

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