Outdoor Shower Ideas In 2023: Top 20 Ideas

Do you like to spend much of your time outside? Some of your favorite outdoor activities include taking care of your beautiful garden, exercising for better health, and carrying out a swimming routine. However, all of these activities call for a post-rinsing-off routine.

The luxury look that these showers give out will undoubtedly make your home look more amazing. But, getting a simple shower installed cannot prove as a game-changer, right? If you are going to do it, why not make something special out of it? How so? Well, here, we present to you the 20 most amazing outdoor shower ideas. Get a magnificent outdoor oasis by having a look below.

Top 20 Beautiful Outdoor Shower Ideas

Outdoor Shower Ideas: Green And Tropical

Who does not like greenery? The soothing impact that greenery leaves on the human mind is undeniable. So, why not install a bathtub or shower for a great hot bath in green plants’ surroundings? Such a relaxing bath will let you wash away all your mind-stress and bodily tension.

Outdoor Shower Ideas: Green And Tropical

Close To The Dining Area

Do you like to get your dinner served hot right after you are done swimming? If yes, then why not place your shower right next to the outdoor dining area? Get started with your feast after rinsing yourself to feel fresh and clean. You can choose any type of back wall for such a shower. However, getting a stone that matches your dining table’s color scheme will take the look to the next level.

Outdoor Shower Ideas: Add Colors

Want to make your shower an exciting place? If yes, then bid a farewell to the old and boring looks. Try out some colorful tiles and get yourself a jaw-dropping look. Choose a combination of some vibrant colors, or else you can also go with all the different shades of the same color to give an aesthetic treat to your eyes.

Try Out A Sleek Look.

If you just want a quick shower before getting yourself indoors, you can go for a simple DIY shower kit. A sleek look is bound to attract a heart that likes it simple and minimal. The best advantage is the ease that you will get in installing it.

Outdoor Shower Ideas: Spa-Like Look

Why do people visit spas? Well, the environment that spa settings introduce is great for relieving all your daily-routine stress. So, if you want your mind to relax after a long session of workouts or a tough gardening day, a SPA-like shower area is the one you need. So, get a shower installed with a beautiful, stoned, or tiled back wall and plants all around in an enclosed dark wood space.

Try Out A Contemporary Look.

What can be better than getting a modern Scandinavian touch at your outdoor shower area? For such a decent yet trendy look, all you need are wood panels and a wood enclosure. You can also decorate your showering area with some bath essentials and plants with beautiful-looking pots of solid colors.

Outdoor Shower Ideas: Wood Is Good

Don’t you love wooden exteriors and interiors? If yes, why not try it for your outdoor shower? An all-wooden look is bound to win your heart with its warm, cozy, and ever-green glance. You can choose your favorite toned panels. However, going for a rather vintage shade will make your shower a classic. Moreover, an accompanied wooden bench for a sunbath after the shower will make this even classier.

Outdoor Shower Ideas: Wood Is Good

Enter Your Palace

We all have experienced thinking about fantasies and dreams while taking a shower, right? So, why not turn it into a theme? If you get fascinated by the royal palaces, you can design your outdoor shower likewise. Decorate it with antique things and make it look like a dream palace.

Outdoor Shower Ideas: Enter Into A Fantasy Land

We all have different fantasies, but what other than a Moroccan touch comes into mind for a true fantasy vibe? You can cover up your showering area and pool site under one umbrella of the same theme. This theme calls up for light and fresh colors that will not only soothe your eyes but your mind as well.

Stone Age

Enter into the Stone Age by constructing your outdoor shower area with stoned surroundings. The stoned walls will make your summer days feel cool and calming. Moreover, the natural touch that this setting will bring in is all that you need for a relaxing and fresh shower time.

Outdoor Shower Ideas: Beach Vibes

Beach is one of the most favorite places that people like to visit. If the case is the same for you and then get ready to bring in some beach vibes to your outdoor shower area. Install a wood-paneled enclosure with crafting or cutouts of sun, sandcastles, and surfboards that will let you get a simple yet refreshing shower look. 

Add Various Panels

If you like to spend more family time, swimming with them at the weekend is the best way. However, in such cases, having a single outdoor shower may not be a good idea. In this way, you’ll have to wait for your turn, and meanwhile, your lunch will not remain as fresh as before. So, try adding multiple showering panels so that the whole family can shower at the same time.

Outdoor Shower Ideas: Design With Some Patterns

Sometimes, keeping it simple may not look that good. So, why not choose some decent-looking patterns? The patterned or motive back wall is trendy these days. So, decorating your outdoor shower in such a way will make it look amazingly stylish. You can also go with a patterned floor and wood-paneled enclosure. This will add more class to the set-up.

Light It Up

Fairy lights can make anything look brighter and more attractive. You can choose differently shaped string lights to decorate your outdoor shower area. This will give out a bright and mesmerizing look, especially in the evening. A wooden enclosure decorated with some plants and yellow lights will look a class apart.

Outdoor Shower Ideas: Bamboo Forest Look

What can be better than a cool and calm showering area? Do you know what is special about the bamboo forest? The temperature is way less in such forests. This is why going for a bamboo stick enclosure and decorations of plants in your outdoor shower area is a wonderful idea if you want to make your summer season cool.

Rustic Look

If you want to get a rather rustic look, you can get various showers from the market that give out an industrial feel. The main essence of such showering areas lies in the black pipes that are used as showers. So, if you want a classy yet natural look, this option will suit you amazingly well.

Outdoor Shower Ideas: Hybrid

Why only get a shower for an outdoor bathing site? Who wouldn’t want to rest in a bathtub whilst enjoying the natural scent and beauty? In such a case, going for a hybrid option will work for you as you can get both a bathtub and a shower under the same option.

Copper Shower

Another option that will bring a rustic vibe to you is a copper shower. After the hot afternoon of the summer season, you can enjoy a cool bath under this beautiful showering area.

Outdoor Shower Ideas: Open-Air Shower

Under the sky full of stars at night, or a blanket of clouds, you can enjoy your bath at any time of the day when it comes to open-air showers. Plus, you can also install rainfall showers in open-air settings to enjoy an even classier feel.

Outdoor Shower Ideas: Open-Air Shower

Rinse All Off

Do you think you are the only one who needs to rinse off before going in? But, what about your gear? From your dirt-filled shoes to your sand-filled boards, everything needs to get cleaned before entering the house. Choose a set that comes with a flexible pipe so that you can clean all your gear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What outdoor shower is the best?

  • Shower 3 (It’s easy to use)
  • Shower 1 (It has a timer and it’s easily accessible)
  • Shower 2 (I like the design)

What are some good ideas for decorating an outdoor shower?

  • Add a flower bed and shrubs around the shower to give it a more natural feel
  • Hang up a hammock or porch swing and place it under the gazebo
  • Use your favorite colors to paint the outside of the structure

What is an open-air shower?

  • An open air shower has a body of water that flows out into the sky.
  • An open air shower has no walls or ceiling, and all you have to do is stand under it.
  • A type of natural rainforest waterfall where water falls from the sky onto your head
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The Closing Thoughts

If you want to enjoy your outdoor time while keeping your indoors clean, all you need is an outdoor shower. Take any of the amazing ideas of outdoor showers mentioned above and make your home even more luxurious.

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