Luxury Bathroom Decor – 10 Ways to Create a Luxe Master Bathroom

Bathrooms can be the most expensive room in the house when it comes to renovations, with kitchens coming in a close second. However, you don’t need to completely gut the bathroom just to obtain a luxurious look.

If a complete overhaul isn’t in the budget, adding luxury bathroom décor can be an inexpensive way to upgrade. If you can splurge on a bathroom accessory set, you can easily transform your existing bathroom design into a tranquil retreat.

Luxury Bathroom Decor

Even if you are merely renting, you can still create a room with a luxurious feel without extensive renovations by upgrading the small bathroom accessories like the mirror, storage, and bath mat. All of these luxury bathroom ideas will elevate the appearance of the room without any permanent modifications.

10 Ways to Incorporate Luxury Bathroom Décor in Your Master Bathroom

You’ve worked hard and deserve an area all to yourself where you can unwind at the end of the day. The master bathroom should be your own private oasis and can be the most luxurious room in your house. After all, you’ve earned it.

As mentioned, renovations to this area don’t have to be expensive or extensive. Sometimes, changing the simplest of details can make a huge difference in a space. Best of all, it will look expensive without the price tag.

Create Serenity with a Sitting Area

Create Serenity with a Sitting Area

Most high-end bathrooms come equipped with a seating area. Sometimes, it can be as basic as adding a garden stool, ornately carved armchair or tufted ottoman. Soft upholstery and ray wood generate dimension and depth when contrasting a hard tile or stone. The accent will come off looking very expensive but grants a grandness in the bathroom.

While this addition may appear unnecessary on the surface, there is a practicality to it if your modern bathroom is large enough to accommodate it. A seating area will allow you to lay out your clothes so you can easily slip into them when you are ready. Women can use it as a place for their beauty routines, to enjoy a spa day at home, or simply to paint their nails.

Monogrammed Items Make Bathrooms Look Chic

Monograms have always been the trademark for the wealthy and famous. You know you have arrived if anything you own contains monogramming. While it was once for the elite, these days anyone can have their items monogrammed.

Whether it is a towel set or container with your last name, initials, or a specific design, you can have anything embroidered or etched. Furthermore, you can do this yourself if you have an embroidery machine or can hand stitch,  or you can have a professional do it for a fee. Either way, this small detail will elevate your bathroom.

Monograms are staples of every sophisticated, classy bathroom. While simply monogramming towels is a simple solution to elevating a room, consider taking things a step further by etching the design on tissue boxes, the back of an upholstered chair, or on containers. This makes them look more unusual and unique.

Proper Placement Is Paramount

Bathroom Floating Shelf

When it comes to any room in your house, things should always be neat and organized. The bathroom is no exception. Everything should always have a place. Great designers and great designs always incorporate proper placement in every detail of the décor. Clutter makes a bathroom look messy and crowded.

If there is no space for linens, consider adding a storage shelf or a floating shelf. Towels and toiletries can be hidden in finely crafted fitted cabinets for elegance. Make it a statement piece by using bold, contrasting colors.

Add towel hangers by the sink. Incorporate hooks for larger towels or bathrobes. You can even add a monogram to a fluffy bathrobe for that spa look. Use a longer rod for oversized towels.

Take things a step further by incorporating heated towel radiators. If this isn’t an option, add a bit of Art Deco to the bathroom with brass or metallic gold finishes over traditional white or chrome. Be creative! Instead of the traditional towel holding design, use circular towel holders in a unique formation.

Often, the reasons why we are so enamored with bathrooms are they generate an area for escapism and allow us to have a sensory experience. Incorporate tactile touches into your space. Properly place an Echo Dot to pipe in calming music. Add a soft pair of fuzzy slippers to the monogrammed bathrobe hanging on the wall.

Add soft lighting and some indoor plants to provide a more relaxing atmosphere and a sanctuary that is a delight to the senses.

Simple additions can go unnoticed by guests but make a significant impact on the room overall. It makes the look more streamlined and efficient over clutter.

Brass Can Add Class

Copper and brass are making a comeback this year. They are seen increasingly more in design, especially in luxury bathrooms. While chrome is commonplace, brass can elevate your bathroom to a more luxurious level when used strategically. It offers a bright boldness to the room, making it not so common.

You don’t have to replace all the faucets as hardware can quickly become expensive. However, you can add a magnifying mirror, new soap dish, or small jar, or change the lighting for an upgraded effect.

With brass, you need to use it strategically. Too much gives an outdated, eighties vibe. When strategically placed, it creates refinement.

Basic Lighting Is Boring

Bathroom Chandelier

Ditch the pot lights or overhead lighting for something more unusual to elevate your space. Ceiling lights aren’t only for dining rooms and kitchens. They can easily dress up a bathroom. New lighting frequently gets overlooked in homes, so it is something that never really becomes updated, but changing it out can make a big difference.

There are many options when it comes to lighting. With all the variations, you can quickly find something suited to your décor and style. Furthermore, changing lighting doesn’t have to be expensive. Builder-grade fixtures can be swapped for chandeliers over a vanity to transform a space.

If you have a small bathroom and looking for some idea’s on lighting then check out this article we wrote.

Marble Is Marvelous

Nothing elevates a space like the opulence of marble. This is the easiest method to use to create a more luxurious environment. Marble is associated with sophistication and elegance. Paired with brass or brushed fixtures, you can easily elevate your bathroom to hotel quality.

When using marble, light-colored finishes will make the room appear light and large. This is very useful in bathrooms that contain large windows and high ceilings. To provide a classic look, pair it with white sanitaryware.

Marble can be incorporated into showers, vanities, containers, or flooring. You don’t have to splurge with real marble, either. Simple tile options are available that suit a conservative budget.

Bathroom Trays Offer Bold Choices

Bathroom Tray

A bathroom tray is a simple modification but makes such a bold statement – especially when the color contrasts the surrounding décor. Stylish bath trays can easily be displayed across a bathtub no matter what the style. You can keep it practical by placing a few necessities on it or dress it up by adding flowers, decorative soap, and candles.

Adding this feature instantly creates a spa-like atmosphere that you can enjoy, and it is extremely practical as well. Here is a article I wrote on the best bathroom hardware sets which may be helpful.

Shower Heads Can Add Sophistication

There is nothing more enjoyable after a hard day than relaxing in a hot, steamy shower to alleviate stress. If your showerhead is beginning to look old or dated, this brings down the look of the room. Swapping out the showerhead for one that is more modern will completely change the room and make your shower experience more enjoyable.

Rainfall showerheads have been trending over the past several years because of their design. They will upgrade a shower area instantly. While some models are a bit costly, other options are cheaper and can be installed easily. Here is the article I wrote on the best shower heads which may be helpful in choosing the best one.

Shower Benches Provide Practicality

Adding a sitting area isn’t the only thing you can do to upgrade your bathroom. Shower benches can elevate a bathroom’s design as well. You can choose to go with costlier benches or you can find something that is simple. Just make sure it is water-resistant!

Find something that is made of natural materials like wood. Providing it is sealed (wood will expand, contract, and split with moisture), this bench will create a luxurious spa experience.

You can additionally incorporate other elements that were mentioned above in this area. Elevate it even further by adding two towel holders right above the bench for easy access when drying off. Place a small decorative plant at one end of the bench. Find matching tiling and add it to the top half of the area behind the bench for contrast. Many options will elevate this simple area well.

Mirrors Can Make a Room

Bathroom Mirror

Many bathrooms simply have a mirror with a medicine cabinet attached to it. This area conceals all our medicinal requirements, beauty products, toothpaste, and other odds and ends. While practical, there is nothing luxurious or exciting about a medicine cabinet. Furthermore, in today’s age, there are many areas that you can use for storage, so a medicine cabinet may have expired.

Even if you don’t have a medicine cabinet, most of us take no special care when finding a mirror for our bathroom. We tend to go for practicality over something that makes a statement while still serving a function. We never think that we can have both incorporated into our bathroom.

To elevate your bathroom, look for mirrors with personality. If you are concerned about storage, search for other storage methods for this area. You might just be amazed at what you find.

Find a mirror with different or interesting shapes, vintage/antique detailing, grand size, or an outstanding feature that makes it create a statement in your bathroom. Mirrors don’t have to be square or rectangular. Change things up with an oval or circular mirror. Look for a mirror that is a little unusual and watch how your bathroom is transformed.

You can also create the illusion of a larger bathroom by using a light, super-sized mirror. If you position it so that a freestanding bath or statement lighting is reflected, this will add to the opulent feel.

How Can a Bathroom Be Made to Feel More Luxurious?

In addition to the methods mentioned above, freestanding bathtubs will always elevate a bathroom providing a luxury hotel feel. If it is impractical (like if you never bathe, only shower) or it won’t fit into the bathroom, then build your master bath into your surrounding space. Surround it with quartz or marble for an elegant finish.

Consider how the windows are dressed. Plantations shutters create a boutique-hotel appearance. Add long drapes to generate opulence or use frosted glass to add privacy.

Instagram’s bathscaping is the latest interior design trend. This involves transforming the bathroom into a luxurious and relaxing sanctuary. To create a relaxing environment echoing a spa-like treatment, choose a neutral palette. Incorporate warm or cool greys mixed with off-white or taupe neutrals.

Black should be used sparingly and only for details like a shelf or window frame. This is where a neutral palette comes in handy. It will also allow you to accentuate various textures like light wood grains or stone with grey veins. Chrome or black taps can also be integrated. Elevate it even more by adding terrazzo, patterned tiles, or fluted tiles for visual interest.

Floors that are tiled provide luxury in your space. Avoid trendy patterns and colors that aren’t always going to be in style. This will age your space. Select classic finishes, marble, stone, splash back, or basin countertops to keep things timeless. Porcelain tiles are great for bathrooms and are durable. They are less porous than concrete and don’t easily stain. 


Updating your bathroom with luxury bathroom décor can be affordable if you are on a budget. Even a few subtle changes can make a huge difference when changing your décor. The benefit is that no one will even know how little you spent to create your luxury oasis. They will simply be envious.

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