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How to Replace a Two Handle Bathtub Faucet – Five Easy Steps to Follow

At times, water leaking is the most irritating issue with a two handle bathtub faucet. So, you may need replacement of the faucet.

Even in this modern age, many of the households are using the old-fashioned two hand bathtub faucets. So, often they experience water leaking and other issues. In such cases, the best way is to ask for professional plumbing services to fix the problem.

But if you do not have any service in your area, you can try it alone. This DIY article will share information on how to replace a two handle bathtub faucet.

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To complete the process, you will get gradual instructions below.

5 Easy Steps how to replace a two handle bathtub faucet 

Step 1

Check the faucet

This is the very first step. You have to check the faucet where the water is leaking. Usually, the two handle faucet comes with a particular specification. One of the faucets deliver hot water, and the other one is ordinary water. So, you need to check which one is leaking the water.

This is a bit complicated process as you need to check both the faucets. Carefully look at the faucets and hope you can select the one that is leaking. 

Step 2

Get the tools

To complete the process, you will need some tools as well. Remember, this is not a tool-free job. You may need the following tools.

  • Screwdriver (4in1)
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Shower valve set
  • Stem
  • Washer

Step 3

This is the most crucial part. You need to follow some precautions before starting.

First of all, you have to shut the main water supply. If you do not lock the supply, it would be a disaster. Then, you have to open the faucet to check if there is any water pressure remaining in the pipe.

This is the second phase of this ongoing operation. Remove the handles with the stems. Removing the handle is easy. Use the flat head screwdriver to remove the index cap of the handle. There is a screw inside the lid. Unscrew the screw and carefully take out the handle.

Now, use the wrench to unscrew the stem. Pull out the stem, rotate anti-clockwise to remove it. Check the washer if it is worn out. Replacing the washer may be the right solution. But the stem may also get damaged. In that case, you have to replace the setup with a new faucet set. 

Step 4

If you need to replace the washer – that caused the water leaking- your troubles are less. But if you are to change the faucet, you may need to use the other tools.

Check the faucet – if the valve is okay. Now, replace the faucet. Set the stem on the place, use the wrench to make it tight. Make sure the parts are in the right place.

Step 5

This is the last step. Here, you have to reverse the process that you did in the beginning. Attach the new faucet on the right position. Attach the screw to make it tight. Use the 4-in-1 screwdriver for this purpose. Use the index cap to cover the screw of the valve. 

You are done.

Bonus tip

You have to follow the same procedure for your other faucet. Please remain careful as this is a sophisticated operation. Keep all the screws and parts in a specific place lest you lose them.  

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

How do you replace a single handle bathtub faucet?

To replace a single handle bathtub faucet, you have to disassemble the faucet from the outlet. Now, replace the faucet on the right position. Use professional tools for the tightening. Or, you may experience water leak within a few moments after the installation. The worst is that the faucet may come out of the outlet and add to your troubles.

How do you remove a two handle shower faucet?

Removal of a two handle shower faucet is simple. The first thing is to uncap the handles. Remember, you cannot do the same for both the faucets at a time.

Remove the screws using a multipurpose screwdriver. Be careful when opening the faucet. There are small parts attached to the unit.

Can you replace a two handle faucet with a one handle faucet?

Yes, you can replace a two handle faucet with a one handle faucet. Usually, one handle faucet has a large face plate that covers the other hole of the two handle faucet. This is not a big deal.

How do you replace an old bathtub faucet?

To replace the old bathtub faucet, you need to deploy a few professional tools. Most of the cases, the old bathtub faucet may get jammed. There might be rusts as well. So, use a wrench and multipurpose screwdriver.

Start from the cap of the faucet. After the cap removal, unscrew the faucet with the screwdriver. Use a wrench to bring out the stem. Now replace the old one with the new faucet set. Adjust the stem, tighten the loose parts. 

How do you replace a tub faucet with no wall access?

At first, you have to turn off the water valve. Now, remove the cap from the faucet handle using a Flathead screwdriver. Pull out the handle from the faucet. Then pull out the clip that surrounds the cartridge, and remove the cartridge.

In this stage, you have to install a fresh cartridge. Attach the clip, place the handle on its former position and tighten the screw. You are done. 

How do you fix a broken bathtub faucet?

Fixing a broken bathtub faucet is simple. You have to remove the faucet from the bathtub. Use a wrench and screwdriver to remove the faucet. Attach the new faucet on the position. But make sure you shut the water flow from the source.

Can you replace shower handle without replacing valve?

Yes, this is possible. You have to remove all the parts. Now, replace the handle. You do not need to replace the stem or washer. Attach the screw again. The process is complete.

How do I remove a bathtub faucet handle?

Removal of a bathtub faucet handle is simple. You have to disassemble all the parts before the faucet handle removal. Keep all the pieces together in a safe place. Now, pull out the handle, attach a new handle. Reassemble the parts. You are done with the process. 

How do you fix a stripped faucet handle?

To fix a stripped faucet handle, you have to turn off the water from the source. In the second phase, you have to remove the faucet handles. Carefully, remove the locking nut. Then, you have to remove the faucet cartridge from the place. Now, replace the cartridge with a new one, and follow the earlier process to reassemble.

Final Words

You are now well-aware about How to replace a two handle bathtub faucet. This is a simple issue but you can do it at home with the right tools. However, if you face any difficulty, immediately ask for support from professional plumbers of your locality.

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