How To Install An Outdoor Shower Fixture – Step by Step Guide

An outdoor shower always connects you with the outer environment making you feel full of energy, healthy, and robust. According to the research, houses with outdoor showers had a great chance of high prices per square.

So, having a shower outside is like having an extra shower room, and an extra shower room or a bedroom will always add up more value to any property. Also, homes with outdoor showers tend to list for nearly double the selling price of other homes, so adding one can observe fiscal sense.

Though an outdoor shower fixture has a reputation for being expensive and luxurious, they are an excellent investment with the potential to increase the value of your home. An outdoor shower may be a refreshing after all, in areas with extreme temperatures cooling down is the only thing that comes to mind.

However, the installation process adds a lot to the cost. So if you want to install your outdoor shower yourself, it will be very cost-effective for you. You can customize it precisely the way you like as well. If you like building fixtures, then this might be a great fun thing for you as well.
Now, without further ado, let’s jump right into the details of how to install an outdoor shower fixture yourself.

How To Install An Outdoor Shower Fixture

Primary Things to Keep in Mind

Some Primary things that you should keep in mind before the installation process are;
• For extended durability, use heavy-duty tools, pipes, taps, valves, and stainless steel.
• Choose a private location.
• Choose a way to use the drained water efficiently. For example, use it to water your plants/grass.
• Use an eco-friendly drainage option, like a dry well, French drain, or shower pan.

Tools that you will need:

The tools that you will need for the installation process of the outdoor shower fixture are;
• Drill
• 1″ hole saw bit
• Screwdriver
• Pliers
• Pipe wrench
• Materials needed:
• The materials that you will need for installing your outdoor shower are;
• Teflon tape
• 3/4″ galvanized pipe – 48″ that is threaded on both ends
• Galvanized elbow 3/4″ x 1/2″ 90-degree
• 3/4″ galvanized pipe – 36″ that is threaded on both ends
• 3/4″ brass ball valve
• 3/4″ pipe clips
• Garden hose
• 3/4″ pipe thread to 3/4″ hose-thread nipple (connect a hose to assembly)
• Towel hooks
• Shower fixture
• 1″ exterior wood screws
• Drop cloth or plastic sheeting
• Spray paint

How To Install An Outdoor Shower Fixture

How To Install An Outdoor Shower Fixture

Following are the steps that you should carefully and precisely follow to install your outdoor shower;

1: Assembling of Pipes

The first step is to assemble the pipes. Take the 48-inch pipe and connect it to the bottom of the ball valve. Then wrap the threaded pipe section with the Teflon tape. After that, screw it to the bottom of the valve.

Now, attach the upper 36-inch pipe to the top of the valve. Use Teflon tape again. Doing this will help ensure a water-tight connection. Then, add the 90-degree elbow at the very top of the pipe assembly. Use Teflon tape to make the connection secure.

Make sure that the elbow is facing out on the same side as the valve handle. It is essential because it will be mounted to a wall eventually and attach the shower fixture to the elbow. After that, use a pipe wrench and pliers to tighten the connection.

2. Painting Prep

To prep for the painting, lay out a drop cloth or a plastic sheet. It will ensure that the workspace is protected. Then, remove the handle from the ball valve. Use a screwdriver for that purpose.

3: Spray Painting

After prepping, start the spray painting process. Use light sweeping motions to paint the valve, elbow, and pipes in your desired color. For the best results, use satin or matte black. After finishing, allow the paint to dry overnight before handling.

4: Marking and Measuring the Location

Decide the location on which you would like to install the piping on the wall. You will be using this as a guide to where your water source hole will be located.

5: Drilling

Step 5 is to drill the water source hole. For this, drill an opening into the deck floor. Use a drill and 1-inch hole saw bit for this purpose. Make sure you have the correct know-how to properly use a drill machine because safety is always a priority.

6: Securing the Water Source

To secure the water source, push a garden hose up through the hole in the decking. Then attach it to the threaded pipe. Make sure that it is attached well so that it won’t cause a problem later on.

7: Securing the Pipe to the Wall

After securing the water source perfectly, secure the entire pipe assembly to the wall. Use the 3/4-inch pipe clips and 1-inch wood screws to secure the pipe.

8: Re-attaching the Valve

After securing the entire pipe assembly to the wall, re-attaching the valve handle to the assembly comes next. Remember that we did not paint the handle while we were painting everything else. We do this because the handle’s paint can get chipped in the handling process.

9: Attaching the Shower Fixture

To attach the shower fixture, secure the shower arm to the outward-facing elbow at the pipe assembly’s top. Use Teflon tape to do that. Secondly, use Teflon tape to attach the shower head to the shower arm. Make sure that they are tightly secured in place.

10: Attaching the Hooks

Lastly, attach the hooks and towel bars to your outdoor shower fixture. It will help you keep your shower accessories and towels handy.


In conclusion, installing an outdoor shower fixture can be easily and quickly done if you follow the steps mentioned above carefully. Doing this will allow you to have some building fun. It will also let you customize your outdoor shower precisely the way you prefer it. It is a budget-friendly way which will make the value of your house higher as well.

Overall, aside from following the installation process correctly, keeping the primary things in mind is also very important.

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