How To Clean A Toilet Tank – 9 Step Ultimate Guide

You could be one of those who keep their bathroom sparkling clean. Yet something’s been bothering you of late. There seems to be a foul odor but you can’t seem to figure out the source. Well, don’t just pull your hair yet. Your toilet tank could be the missing spot you forgot to clean. 

Many times, people overlook the toilet tank since the damage is done from the inside of it. You don’t need to put this as a daily task. However, you should have a careful check once in a while and take steps to clean out your toilet tank, at least 4 times a year. In this article, we discuss a step-by-step guide on how to clean a toilet tank.

What will you need to clean the toilet tank?

After checking if you find the toilet tank in your home is dirty, start by getting all the needed materials. If you have the below-mentioned material already, then it’s great. If not, you can easily find them online or at any hardware store. 


You will have to handle lots of toxic chemicals as well as harmful bacteria. So, putting on gloves before you start cleaning is a must. The rubber gloves shall help in the protection of your skin from corrosive chemicals and pathogens.


Disinfectant is a must for removing grime from the toilet tank.

White Vinegar

This will help you in removing minerals or other deposits. It’s considered a natural antibacterial disinfectant. So, it should come in handy in cleaning your toilet tank.

Scrub Brush or Sponge: 

Scrub brush will conveniently help you in removing any stains from the tank.

9 Steps to Clean a Toilet Tank Properly

Clean a Toilet Tank Properly

Now that you have got all the materials, let us show you how to clean the toilet tank. Believe us, when we say keeping tank toilet tank clean is one of the easiest tasks out there. In this step-by-step guide, we show how to clean a toilet tank. So, without further ado, let’s start.

1. Drain the tank

You should start by draining the water from the tank. To clean the tank inside properly, you have to drain the water from the tank. There should be a valve below the tank and flush. Turn it off and flush the toilet so the tank can drain.

2. Use Disinfectant 

Spray the inside of your tank with disinfectant. Let the disinfectant remain for 1-15 minutes. The disinfectant will make your job easier. It will also kill most of the germs thus helping to make a proper cleaning.

3. Use a toilet brush

A toilet brush will help you in scrubbing it clean. It is much more effective than cloth. The long handle of the brush helps you to reach all the places and its shape will help in ensuring an optimized cleaning by reaching all the corners of the tank. Its thinness will help you to clean the flushing apparatus. 

4. Keep it clean

To maintain the cleanliness make sure to use the Iron OUT Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner in the tank which will not damage the internal toilet components. 

5. Replace damaged parts

You should check the parts inside the tank for wear and tear. The best time for parts replacement of the tank is when it remains empty and clean. 

6. Clean Mineral Deposits

Wash away the nasty mineral deposits off the inside of your toilet tank. Leave white vinegar in the tank overnight and then flush away the liquids. By using the toilet brush scrub away any remaining deposits. Both substances contain acid that will help to lose the mineral deposits in the toilet tank.

7. What not to use

However tempting the easy process might seem, don’t use the automatic toilet bowl cleaners. They can be easily dropped in but the chemicals are harmful. The chemicals on these can rot the rubber flapper valve and cause a leak. The only safe option is the iron out automatic toilet bowl cleaner.

8. Remove Mildew

If your toilet tank contains mildew, you can clean it out. A water purification system might help to get rid of the mildew altogether.

9. Remove Rust

To remove the rust in a toilet tank, use a rust remover for toilets.

How To Clean A Toilet Tank: Step-by-Step Video Guide

In the below YouTube Tutorial, you will learn how toilet cleaners can ruin the inside of your toilet and will learn how to properly clean a toilet tank.

Additional Information:

Tips for keeping the toilet tank clean

These tips below should help you in keeping the toilet tank clean.

•Keep the water valve turned off if you have to stay away for a long time. Thus the tank will remain empty and mold won’t find hosts to survive! After coming back, all you have to do is turn the valve on again.

•Replace any damaged parts while cleaning with a new one. This will increase the life of the toilet.

•Use a pumice stone for scrubbing, if your toilet tank is made of vitreous China material. Don’t use it for any other type of toilet tank.

•Bleach effectively treats mold, but will also corrode the tank’s metal. Investing in a water purification system will keep the mold away from the tank.

•Constant checking and application of the different methods mentioned here, should help you in keeping your toilet as clean as you expect it to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why cleaning your toilet tank should on your list?

  • Your tank might get filled with dirt, dust, and debris. These nasty particles can reduce the usage benefits and longevity of your tank. Over time these particles can erode the inside such as the steel of the toilet tank.
  • Built-up mold in the toilet can make the bathroom smell nasty.
  • It’s hard to notice the rust rings, and bacterial growth that gets built up in the tank unless the user lifts the lid and looks inside. Rust will affect the operation of the toilet badly and bacteria will produce nasty odorous water that will end up in the bowl after every flush. 

How often Should I Have to Clean my Tank?

  • Depending on your water type, your cleaning frequency should vary. Tanks with soft water don’t need much cleaning, however, it’s a different story if it’s hard water. Hard water will mess up your tank's operation if you let it go too long.
  • In case your tank contains hard water, you have to check from time to time to ensure there isn’t much build-up and apply the cleaning techniques we are covering in this article.

Is it okay to put vinegar in the toilet tank?

  • A fantastic toilet cleaning remedy is vinegar. It's naturally antimicrobial, chemical-free, and acidic, so it will dissolve calcium and lime deposits. Simply add a few cups of vinegar to your tank, let it soak for about an hour, then scrub and flush it to rinse. 

Can you put bleach in the toilet tank?

  • Bleach is the biggest no-no when it comes to toilet tanks. Bleach and items containing bleach should never be used within the tank since they might corrode the toilet's components. I also advise using white vinegar diluted with water to get rid of stubborn spots from the tank. 

What can I put in my toilet tank to keep the bowl clean?

  • Pour white vinegar into the tank without draining the water, stopping at least an inch below the top rim. For 12 hours, let the vinegar-water mixture sit to dissolve rust, mildew, and mineral deposits. To get the vinegar out of the tank, flush the toilet a few times.


The tips and guidelines mentioned here should help you in keeping your toilet tank clean. Natural methods shouldn’t harm you or your family in any way. We hope you apply the techniques and have a sparkling clean toilet tank. 

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