Best Cozy Bathroom Makeover in 2023: 7 Inventive Ideas

With winter approaching, your ultimate goal would be a cozy bathroom makeover in every way possible. Not only will the creation of a cozy home make your guests feel more relaxed, but it will also affect your health positively.

Bathrooms are generally thought of as a place where you clean yourself and freshen up at the end of the day. Now, who wouldn’t want to feel extra relaxed after a tiring day of work? To serve as a mini-retreat in the safety of your home after a long and exhausting day, a bathroom must have a more inviting, relaxing, and cozy atmosphere.

To lessen the trouble and ease things up for you, we have put together seven inventive ideas with our favorite recommendations for a perfect bathroom makeover.

Cozy Bathroom Makeover Idea 1:

Improve the Lighting

Improve the Lighting

Whether it’s your bedroom, bathroom, or living room, lighting tends to be a vital element in determining the overall atmosphere of that room. Even improving the lighting in a small bathroom can make a big difference to the atmosphere. The temperature of the light you install can alter the entire nature and vibe, so let’s get it right!

To define it technically, the higher the number of Kelvins on the light bulb, the cooler the nature of the bulb will be. If the lights installed in your bathroom are too bright or cold, fret not. You can easily swap them with warm lights without going through any hassle.

And if you live in a location that experiences almost all seasons, you can consider getting hue bulbs as they provide more versatility. With premium-quality hue bulbs, not only will you be able to set the color of the light as per your mood, but they are also dimmable.

Our Top Picks Lighting for your Bathroom 

Even though these lights may come at varying price tags some higher, some lower it will all be worth it as it would make a huge contribution to the creation of an ultimate cozy bathroom.

Cozy Bathroom Makeover Idea 2:

Warming Up with Rugs

There is no doubt in admitting that hardwood and marble flooring gives off a great vibe. However, a good floor alone hasn’t ever contributed to creating a cozy environment for you on a cold winter day, has it?

For that purpose, we use the magical pieces of textile floor known as rugs.

Consider a situation where you went into your jacuzzi filled with warm water that helps you lose all your stress and become extremely relaxed. Now when you come out of this warm water, having a warm body temperature, and place your feet on the cold marble or hardwood floor, how would that feel? Not so cozy, right?

On the flip side, if you place your feet on a soft and plushy warm rug, premium to the touch and comfortable to the core, wouldn’t that be good? Plus, a good rug will also add texture, color, and pattern to your bathroom, thus giving it a beautiful new look.

Our Top Picks Rugs for your Bathroom 

Cozy Bathroom Makeover Idea 3:

Interesting Mirrors

Interesting Mirrors

A good-looking mirror doesn’t only serve a functional purpose but also dresses up your wall like no other! Far too many people opt for contractor-grade mirrors found in sales at their local hardware stores. But to create a cozy bathroom environment, you need a mirror that is more than just a mirror, right?! Let us explain.

Mirrors that come in engaging shapes like oval mirrors or round mirrors or maybe even vintage mirrors with ornate curves tend to play against the many right angles that are found in most bathrooms.

This, in return, helps in creating a more relaxed appeal. Moreover, when this unique and engaging shape is paired up with a bold or textural frame, it turns the mirror into a statement of its own!

If you have a smaller bathroom, another idea would be to opt for a large slab mirror running wall to wall. Not only would it look elegantly simple and crisp, but it would also make your small bathroom look more spacious.

Our Top Picks Mirrors for your Bathroom 

Cozy Bathroom Makeover Idea 4:

Installing a New Shower Head

If you agree that showerheads are essential in your bathroom, it’s time to spice them up! Dynamic shower heads allow you to take a shower in significantly less time as compared to the bathtubs, plus helps your body maintain a perfect temperature because of the constant flow.

So, if you wish to give your bathroom a cozy atmosphere and a touch of mother nature goodness, then you can consider changing your basic shower head and replacing it with a luxurious rain shower head.

It would feel almost ethereal to give yourself time to relax and submerge in the goodness, no? Check out our recommendation for a pleasant shower head that can make your time in the bath eternally soothing.

Enclosing the Shower Area

Enclosing the Shower Area
When you are taking a shower, you would want to be in a relaxed and extremely cozy environment that makes you forget about anything else, and truly rejuvenates you. Enclosing your shower area can help you in taking your shower experience to a whole new soothing level. You can achieve this in a couple of ways one, by using glass shower panels, and two, by using modern shower curtains.

Top 4 recommendations for 70 x 70 inches Curtain

1. The Periodic Table Standard Shower Curtain

Amazing Shower Curtains – New 2023 Design Periodic Table Shower Curtain 70×70 by Segmia

  • Reinforced rust-proof metal grommets
  • Durable plastic rings included
  • A cool gift for chemistry students. Geeky home decor
  • Machine washable.

The Segmia Shower Curtain store designed a polyester and blend curtain of 70”x70″. It has a style with the periodic table incorporated to use in standard bathrooms without any problem. It is an excellent idea for lovers of science or chemistry.

2. The standard eforcurtain clear from PEVA 

Eforcurtain Clear PEVA Shower Curtain Liner with Magnets Waterproof for Hotel, 70×70 Inches

  • Pattern: Clear Shower Curtain Liner Transparent
  • Magnetic bottom – The shower curtain liner has 3 magnets encased at the bottom to keep the liner in place.
  • Elegant drape with generous size in a 70-inch width by 70-inch length /178cm by 178cm
  • Easy care, Wipes clean with a damp cloth
  • Includes:1 shower curtain, a set of Plastic Shower Curtain Rings, Not Included: Rod

The elegant curtain made of soft PEVA material will allow you to give it easy care and clean it quickly. You will have a set of rings to be able to hang easily.

However, it does not include a rod. It gives you three magnets on the bottom to hold the liner in place. In addition, it’s a transparent coating to provide an elegant touch to your bathroom.

3. Mrs. Awesome liner curtain with nine handy mesh pockets 

Water-Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain or Liner with 9 Handy Mesh Pockets 71 x 72 inches, White, Odorless, Washable, and Rust Proof Grommets

  • 100% Polyester fabric designed is soft to the touch and suitable for machine-wash
  • 71 width x 72 height inches, standard size available for any tub
  • 12 rust-resistant metal grommets easy for hanging and fit for any decorative hooks
  • Nine handy mesh pockets could be used for tidying and maximizing storing your bath accessories
  • Water Repellent treatment keeps curtain fresher and clean

The shower curtain liner with mesh pockets will allow you to decorate your bathroom charmingly. This type of curtain will enable you to hang and display your accessories while ordering them in a relaxed way. It is made of premium fabric for a much longer useful life.

4. The Standard shower Liner Curtain with magnets

70×70 Shower Curtain Liner with 6 Magnets PEVA 8G Thick & Heavy Duty, Waterproof,70 x 70 inches, Clear

  • Qualified: 8G PEVA shower curtain liner is a good choice for the person who requires heavy-duty liner for a bathtub. Made of clear plastic, the liner plays a function to better holding back in a shower. Can be used as a liner or curtain simply
  • Water Proof: The liner has the advantage of plastic material properties like PVC free. It performs water resistant well, allowing the form of water beads on the surface, and easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Encased magnets: Comes with 6 magnets at the bottom, especially good for cast/iron bathtub, in the respect that it’s easy to stick to the tub and keep the liner from blowing or clinging to the body
  • Durable: Reinforced top header along with 12 rust-resistant metal grommets prevents tearing and helps the shower curtain liner long-lasting
  • 70-inch width by 70-inch height, standard size is suitable for most bathroom or bathtub

Mrs. Awesome brings you the PEVA shower liner curtain, especially for standard bathrooms. It has a classic design with a plain pattern. Your bathroom will look fresh and clean when you use it. This curtain is waterproof, so it will be easy to clean and keep in good condition.

Cozy Bathroom Makeover Idea 6:

Playing with Colors and Patterns

Color theory has a very important role when it comes to designing your dream bath. Did you know some colors tend to give off a warm vibe while others are cooler based on their nature? Practically speaking, any color that brightens your mood or makes you happy can make the space feel more warm, cozy, and welcoming.

If simple colors feel a bit dull to you and don’t pull off the refreshing look effectively, you also have the option to add a touch of graphic pattern. Patterns not only draw the eyes in, but they also keep them moving in certain cases, which produces a sense of energy in the room.

Graphic tiles for walls, as well as for the floor, serve to be a great way to introduce patterns to your bathroom. However, if buying or installing tiles isn’t in your budget at the moment, don’t worry! We have another interesting idea for you.

Instead of graphic tiles, you can go for graphic wallpapers to instantly up your aesthetic game. If your bathroom is well-ventilated, the wallpaper will hold up quite well in the bathroom and will give your bathroom a brilliant look and experience.

Our Top Picks Wallpaper for your Bathroom 

Cozy Bathroom Makeover Idea 7:

Plush Bath Towels and Towel Warming Rack

Plush Bath Towels and Towel Warming Rack

Luxurious and soft towels are the key to achieving not only a cozy but also a spa-like atmosphere. Towels that are made out of absorbent materials like bamboo or cotton tend to stand up well to washing over time.

Our Top Picks Towels for your Bathroom 

In addition to treating yourself to some luxurious towels, another tip to make your trip to the bathroom more relaxing is to pre-warm those said towels. A cheaper way to do that is to either put them in a clothes dryer or a hot radiator for several minutes before you have to use them.

However, for an extra special touch, you can also consider investing in a heated towel rack this will prove to add superior convenience and comfort to your experience. Not only will it make your towels warm, but it will also prove to be a time-saver when it comes to drying out your towels in a short span.

This way, your towels won’t retain humidity, preventing them from getting smelly. What’s more, your shoulders will thank you for the warm massage-like feeling whenever you use it, now isn’t that a beautiful and handy appliance for your private space?

Our Top Picks Heated Towel Rack for your Bathroom 


Creating a cozy atmosphere in your bathroom doesn’t have to be a difficult task at all. There are hundreds of ways that you can use to achieve the ultimate goal. Some may demand you to spend cash, while others may demand creativity from your side.

We hope that the ways presented in our article were helpful for you and that you would be able to transform your bathroom into a spa-like, relaxing, and cozy retreat!