Best Black Bathroom Fixtures in 2023 – Ultimate Guide

Black is dominating modern bathroom design everywhere! The color provides a mysterious air, but black bathroom fixtures add a touch of sophistication and maturity. It provides an upscale, stately, elegant look to your bathroom or a sleek, clean, minimalist appearance.

With some creativity, you can do a bathroom remodel with black bathroom fixtures and turn a boring space into one that’s worthy of a magazine cover.

Best Black Bathroom Fixtures

Black Bathroom Fixtures – Select a Black Bidet and/or Toilet

White is traditionally what most people select for toilets, bidets, and sinks. It is a standard color and goes with any color scheme. The downsides of white bathroom accessories and fixtures are they show dirt and accumulate stains over time. You simply can’t hide them as well as with other colors.

Here is our selection of the best black toilets and bidets:

If you have a lighter color scheme, why not add a dark pop by incorporating black for a toilet, bidet, or another bathroom accessory? Black bathroom fixtures create an unexpected, exciting, and chic look. Many people are appalled at the idea that someone would use black (something so dark) in a bathroom, but it isn’t a new trend.

Individuals deeply inspired by vintage bathroom design will love this trend and this tidbit of history. Jet black toilets were popular in the 1920s; however, it was considered avant-garde. Now, black bidets and toilets are making a comeback for the adventurous or those who love those vintage looks.

To upgrade your bathroom, add a black toilet or bidet. Finishes come in glossy, matte, or even a brushed appearance. While the concern is that the bathroom may look too sterile or dull, you can incorporate color by using paint, towels, wall lighting, or polished chrome fixtures to break up the dark look.

Adding plants to your bathroom shelves brings a nice light touch against the black contrast of these fixtures. Wall lighting, wall sconces, or a fancy light fixture can also add depth and a bit of brightness. Black pairs with any color and allows you to be as creative as you want.

Black Bathroom Fixtures – Use a Matte Black Bathtub

Black Bathroom Fixtures - Use a Matte Black Bathtub

Matte black bathtubs can be a breathtaking, show-stopping feature in a bathroom. Black bathtubs provide an air of elegance, grace, and beauty. For a contemporary bathroom, choose a freestanding bathtub with a simple design. For grey walls, the black bathtub adds a sophisticated look.

Black bathtubs and other matte black bathroom fixtures are known to add earthly, modern inspiration to a bathroom. It is the perfect complement to wood floors and is ideal for more modern homes.

Here is our selection of the best matte black bathtubs:

Create a Warm, Cozy Experience with a Black Fireplace

Black fireplace

Bathrooms are a welcome refuge at the end of a long day. Nothing is more peaceful than incorporating a black fireplace into the bathroom. You can add a black fireplace into any style, ranging from contemporary to classic. It adds a dreamy, romantic, peaceful glow to any bathroom and makes it more relaxing.

Here is our best selection of black fireplace for your bathroom:

Furthermore, you can place it anywhere, depending on what look you want. Behind the bathtub creates a romantic, serene experience with a soothing touch. It provides that dreamy atmosphere suited for unwinding.

You can also create luxury and warmth by placing it on an adjacent wall, allowing the fireplace to become an elegant focal point for the room. You can see and feel it while relaxing in the tub or shower, and it creates a bold statement of wealth as well.

Pair it with a white bathtub and fuzzy, high piled rug for a sophisticated touch.

Go for a Classy Look with a Nasoni Fountain Faucet

Adding black to a bathroom doesn’t have to be a bold statement. It can be subtle as well. Installing a Nasoni fountain faucet in glossy black will provide an aura of class, wealth, and value to any bathroom.

When you first see this fixture, you might be captivated by its sleek design, but the black bathroom faucet itself will give you nothing but a luxurious experience because it is of high quality.

Nasoni produces award-winning bathroom faucets and has a reputation for providing excellence. Its faucets combine sophisticated sink fixtures with a glamorous water fountain in one piece. It is meticulously constructed from premium-grade brass, making it more durable than other brands.

The black faucet and black taps have an exclusive PVD coating, making them corrosion-resistant so they will last a lifetime. Furthermore, they are drip-free and have a very smooth operation.

In incorporating black into a bathroom, find a location for it to be the perfect contrast. If your bathroom has earthy tones, consider adding black fixtures. Black bathtub fixtures look incredible on tubs with a wooden appearance. Furthermore, blending textures in this manner adds appeal and interest. It creates a perfectly relaxing atmosphere.

So many designers are making a simple change: making the faucet the focus. By changing out the faucet to a black one, it adds a simple yet elegant flair. Combined with white sinks, it adds a stark contrast, transforming it into either an elegant atmosphere or a place of tranquility. It will all depend on the design you choose.

For marble tiling, black ties the look in perfectly, allowing for the perfect flow of textures. It works best in large ensuite master bathrooms because it provides a stately feel while allowing you to play with the look. You can create elegance by using more vintage-inspired, detailed fixtures while clean designs will create a look that is modern and contemporary.

Both work well in this space and can completely change the look without breaking the budget.

If you are hesitant to go completely black, try fixtures that have thick accent lines. It still creates a bold black statement without being overwhelming.


Black is a great way to add a modern, sophisticated flair to a bathroom. Homeowners can go completely bold by selecting black bathroom fixtures like toilets, sinks, or bathtubs in many finishes to make a statement in this space.

For a more subtle look, consider incorporating a black tub faucet, toilet paper holder, or bathroom shelves. When done properly, they can add a bit of class to any space without being overwhelming.