Best Wall-hung Toilets in 2023

Wall-hung toilets are just beginning to become popular in homes across North America. These types of toilets were previously uncommon. Now there is a growing demand as they have a smaller footprint and a minimalistic look. However, there are some things that homeowners need to consider when looking at wall-hung toilets.

Best Wall-hung Toilets: What to Look For

Best wall hung toilets

In Europe, wall-mounted toilets have recently become commonplace. What’s most appealing to homeowners is that it has a very unique appearance.

By incorporating a floating toilet, you can save a few feet of space in your bathroom. This makes it ideal for smaller rooms or powder rooms.

It is also extremely easy to clean this toilet. Bottom spaces can be easily reached with a mop. The attachments are concealed, which prevents a lot of dirt from entering. The only part that really requires cleaning is the bowl, since it is exposed.

You can also easily customize this toilet for shorter or taller individuals. But the main reason for installing it is its stylish look. The toilet adds an aura of sophistication to any bathroom.

Guide to Purchasing the Best Wall-hung Toilets

Guide to Purchasing the Best Wall-hung Toilets

Floating toilets contain a variety of designs. Many of these factors, including those you may not have originally thought of, should be taken into consideration prior to purchasing a wall-hung toilet.

Is it Worth the Price?

When people love the look of an item, cost is sometimes one of the last things they want to consider. While most toilets are affordable, wall-hung toilets are pricier. This is the primary reason why they are often associated with luxury hotels or places of class.

While prices have decreased due to improvements in manufacturing and technology, high-end companies will still price them on the expensive side.

Prices reflect reliability and the quality of the toilet. This is a toilet that is designed to last, and the price is reflective of that. Furthermore, it also reflects the guarantees and warranties associated, in addition to the included features.

When deciding on the budget, you will need to factor in how much installation will cost. If you can follow instructions or are handy, you may be able to install it yourself. However, this is risky as you will need to install various attachments directly into the wall. The last thing you want is your toilet to fall and crack.

Check the Dimensions

If this toilet is for a small bathroom, you will need to check the smallest wall-hung toilets. The dimensions are often mentioned in the descriptions, so finding one to fit your space should not be terribly difficult.

You will also need to examine the height. This will affect your comfort and ability to use the toilet. Look for one that has an adjustable height.

Does Brand Matter?

Brand absolutely matters! There are many manufacturers making wall-hung toilets. However, experts recommend that, since they are so new to the U.S. market, buyers should stick to the most reputable and established brands. These companies have been tested and proven reliable throughout the years. You can be sure that if there are any concerns, it will be addressed.

The downside of newer companies is they don’t have a long track record when it comes to creating products. They may not be as dedicated to making products that are high quality. When it comes to a toilet, it is best to get one that is reliable and has a warranty to avoid issues down the road.

What Material is Best?

While wall-hung toilets are created from different materials, the most common are vitreous china and porcelain. There are some ceramic ones available as well, but if you want the best material, experts advise sticking to porcelain because it is reliable and durable. It will withstand the test of time and always look good.

In addition to material, the coating should also be examined. It should not allow dirt to easily accumulate and should give a clean flush. This makes it pleasant to use and eliminates water waste.

What Are the Benefits of Dual Flush?

Factoring in the cost-effectiveness of a toilet is a wise decision. Dual-flush systems were created to reduce water waste in the toilet and to be more effective at conserving water. Be sure to select a system that works well and eliminates waste effectively. If you must flush several times, it just isn’t worth it. Sometimes the best source of information regarding this topic is product reviews.

Round or Elongated?

This is more of a personal choice, but both forms have a distinct benefit. Elongated toilets require more space, but there are advantages. The design makes them easier to use and clean. They are more elegant and modern than round toilets. The only downside is that they tend to cost more.

Round toilets are great for more traditional spaces or smaller rooms.

High-tech Features

These toilet types can come equipped with high-tech features. There are some that contain lids that automatically open and close. Illuminated bowls, ones that automatically flush and have a bidet attached, are additional options worth considering.

Homeowners should note the downside is that even though the features are great, they require maintenance. More money may be spent on repairs if they break down. Furthermore, if you are following a budget, the basic floating toilet will suffice.

Returns and Warranties

Your toilet should be covered by a one-year warranty, at least. It is very important to have this type of warranty if you are purchasing a high-tech toilet because repairs can be expensive.

Some manufacturers may only provide a refund, which is also fine. However, it should be for at least 90 days. Make sure to carefully examine the policy, since some conditions may be difficult to fulfill.

Top 5 Best Wall-hung Toilets

Here, we’ll provide you with the best wall-mounted-toilet options. These models include a variety of materials, features, and specifications.

Best Overall: Kohler K-6299-0 Veil Wall-hung Elongated Toilet

Kohler creates toilets designed to look good and save space. The in-wall tank/carrier system is fully concealed for a seamless appearance. It is easy to clean beneath the bowl. The dual-flush system allows users to choose between a 0.8-gallon flush (light waste) and 1.6 for a bulkier flush. It allows homeowners to save money without compromising performance.


  • Small footprint
  • Saves 12 inches of space


  • Side panels may easily come off
  • Water level doesn’t adjust easily

Most Compact: Swiss Madison Ivy SM-WT450

Available in two different colors and three different styles, this toilet contains a dual-flush system along with high-performance gravity. It is easy to clean with its seamless one-piece design. With a soft, quick-close release, the seat on this model closes quietly and makes almost no sound.


  • O.8/1.28 gpf (gallons per flush)
  • Saves space
  • Weight limit is 500 lbs.


  • Wall actuator and concealed tank available separately
  • May not properly flush larger amounts of waste

Tied for First: Homary Wall-hung Toilet

This toilet includes an in-wall tank with a carrier system, skirted trap way, flush-actuator plate, and a bowl. It installs easily without the need for a compatible tank carrier system. Made from vitreous china with a white glaze finish, the toilet is durable, easy to clean, and smooth.


  • Soft-and-slow close lid
  • Cleans the toilet without clogging it
  • Adjustable height
  • Water tank is concealed


  • Difficult to install

Most Unique Design: Swiss Madison SM-WT600 Plaisir

The design of this Swiss Madison toilet is unique, modern, and luxurious. The seat is soft-close with a quick release for cleaning. It is environmentally friendly with WaterSense technology that meets EPA flushing guidelines.


  • Available flush plate
  • Design saves space without looking too traditional
  • Very easy to clean
  • Elongated porcelain bowl
  • Dual flush (0.8/1.28 gpf)


  • Carrier frame tank sold separately
  • Installation tricky

Best Budget: Cerastyle 018400 Lila Round Ceramic Toilet

This glazed ceramic toilet only weighs 50 lbs. Cerastyle has created a toilet that is extremely compact, making it perfect for smaller bathrooms and allowing users to save space. It is very durable, and the sleek surface provides an easy clean.


  • Very modern looking
  • Great for smaller spaces


  • Concealed tank and flush actuator not included


Wall-hung toilets come in a variety of finishes and designs. Some people love them because they save space while providing a very elegant look. Often associated with high-end locations, a wall-hung toilet adds an air of sophistication to any bathroom.