10 Best Vessel Sinks Reviews In 2020 – Buyers Guide

Vessel sinks are sinks that can be installed directly on the countertop in a kitchen or a bathroom. These sinks are now becoming a popular choice for renovating homeowners. Vessel sinks made with tempered glass are most favored as they add an elegant touch. Many homeowners who are looking to modernize their bathrooms prefer vessel sinks. These sinks have quite a few advantages over the drop-in sinks that are a common sight in many homes. if you are on the market for best vessel sinks ,you're on right place to choose vessel sinks for your bathroom. A few factors that make vessel sinks a better choice than the traditional drop-in sinks are:

                               OUR TOP PICKS 

Budget Friendly
  • Clean well always looks good .
  • Best for small bathroom .
  • Perfect sit not big & not small 
  • Sits directly on the countertop.
Also Great
  • Perfect for small master bathroom.
  • Perfect for remodel your bathroom .
  • Perfect height with lower cabinetry .

​How To Choose Vessel Sinks 

1. On the countertop, unlike drop-in sinks. Some vessel sinks need mounting rings to keep them steady on the countertop.

2. The vessel sinks have unique shapes and sleek designs that make them stand out. These sinks are usually made from tempered glass or ceramic which gives them a modern look.

3.From quality materials. The sinks made with tempered glass and ceramic are resistant to stains and scratches. This feature helps to keep the sink from getting damaged for a long time.

4.Most vessel sinks do not need special cleaners to maintain their look. This is because vessel sinks are mostly made with tempered glass or ceramic. Both these materials are ideal for sinks as they are low maintenance and are stain/scratch resistant.

5.Homeowners who want to install vessel sinks are spoilt for choice. These sinks are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. People looking for artistic designs can buy handcrafted vessel sinks to get a unique touch for their home.

What should you look for in a Vessel Sink?

​The rising popularity of vessel sinks has created a lot of demand for them. Now there are many different models of vessel sinks that you can choose from. But before making your selection you should know what features you need to check for in a vessel sink.

  • ​The quality of the vessel sink plays an important role in enhancing its durability. The sink's body should be strong as it remains exposed on the countertop. The vessel sink should be able to withstand temperature fluctuations in the home. Choosing a vessel sink from a reputed brand is the best way to ensure its quality.
  • ​Vessel sinks should have a proper design and shape so that they can serve their purpose. The design of the sink should be convenient for the user. Sinks which do not have much depth or are not tall enough can cause water damage to the countertop. An overflow hole will help to prevent excess water from spilling onto the countertop. So it is better to buy a vessel sink with an overflow to avoid accidental water damage.
  •  At an extra cost.
  • ​It is a good idea to choose vessel sinks that do not have high maintenance needs. Sinks made from ceramic and tempered glass are popular as they need less maintenance.
  • ​Vessel sinks should be made with highly durable and quality materials. These sinks should be able to withstand temperature fluctuations in the home. Vessel sinks that are stain-resistant and scratch-proof are a great choice. This is because these sinks need minimum maintenance.

10 Best Vessel Sinks Reviews

Choosing the right vessel sink for your home can become a difficult task.This is because there are many different models and brands of vessel sinks in the market. The vessel sinks that got good customer reviews on Amazon are:

The Eclife vessel sink has a bright turquoise color and is handcrafted by artisans. This square sink has a thick tempered glass body and comes included with its own attachments. A unique feature of the Eclife sink is that it has a faucet aerator that helps the user to conserve water.

Product Dimensions - 16.5" D x 8.5" H

Color - Turquoise

Shape - Square

Weight - 18.7 lbs

Features Of Eclife Turquoise Bathroom Vessel Sink

  • ​With 1/2" thick tempered glass. The square shape of the sink bowl and its rounded edges helps to create a smooth look.
  • The Eclife vessel sink comes included with its own attachments. The sink comes with a 3/8" connector for hot and cold water, 23.6" water hose, a pop-up drain, a faucet, and a mounting ring.
  • ​Of brass and is stain-resistant.
  • ​The hand-painted glass bowl gives the sink an artistic look. Each Eclife vessel sink is different from another making each sink a unique piece.
  • ​This sink does not feature an overflow hole. The water level in the sink needs to be monitored to avoid spillage onto the countertop.

The minimalist design and earthy color of the Aquaterior bathroom sink give it a special look.

Product Dimensions - 16.5" x 5.75" x 0.5"

Color - Brown with patterns

Shape - Round

Weight - 15.55 lbs

Highlighted Features Of Aquaterior Bathroom Sink

  • The round-shaped sink bowl of the Aquaterior vessel sink is 5" deep. The 1/2" tempered glass bowl has a beautiful artistic pattern on it. This pattern makes the bowl look rich and modern.
  • ​The water level in the sink bowl should be kept at a minimum to avoid overflow.
  • ​These attachments are not included with the sink.
  • This sink does not need special care or maintenance. The thick tempered glass is stain and scratch-resistant. The smooth design and the round shape of the skin bowl makes it easy to clean.

The sharp elegant design of the Sarlai vessel sink helps to create a modern look in your bathroom. This sink can blend in with any decor and add elegance to the bathroom. The sink's strong ceramic body can withstand temperature fluctuations and is stain resistant.

Product Dimensions - 21" L x 16.8 W x 5.8 H

Color - White

Shape - Rectangular

Weight - 34.1 lbs

Highlights Of Sarlai Vessel Bathroom Sink

  • with any decor.
  • ​This sink has a water overflow hole to prevent water damage to the countertop.
  • ​The strong ceramic body of the skin can withstand temperature fluctuations. This feature makes the sink an ideal addition in any home.
  • ​The ceramic sink is resistant to stains and scratches caused by daily use. This quality makes this sink remain durable for a long time.
  • ​As they are not included with the sink.

The strong ceramic body of the Sarlai vessel sink makes it a perfect fit in any home. The sleek modern design of this sink helps it to blend in perfectly with any bathroom countertop. The scratch and stain resistant features of this sink make it easy to maintain.

Product Dimensions - 24" L x 13.5" W x 4.5" H

Color - White

Shape - Rectangular

Weight - 25.9 lbs

Sarlai Above Counter Bathroom Sink Features

  • This Sarlai sink does not have a water overflow hole on it. Users need to keep an eye on the water level in the sink bowl to prevent overflow.
  • ​Down after use. The sink bowl can withstand household temperature fluctuations well.
  • ​Of the sink.
  • ​Artisans using German technology. This helps to give the sinks a unique look.

​The VIGO vessel sinks are unique as they are handmade. Each sink is different from the other as they have slight variations in patterns and color. The VIGO sinks have a textured exterior and a smooth glass interior that gives them a unique look.

Product Dimensions - 17.9" L x 13" W x 4" H

Color - Grey Onyx

Shape - Rectangular

Weight - 16 lbs

Features Of VIGO Bathroom Sink

  • ​To avoid overflow.
  • ​The smooth tempered glass body of this sink is easy to clean. The sink is resistant to scratches and stains from household cleaners and toiletries.
  • This sink has a smooth polished interior with a paint brushed effect that gives it a unique look. The exterior of the sink bowl has a marbled texture. This contrast between the interior and exterior of the sink bowl gives it a modern look.
  • ​At an extra cost.
  • ​​And have slight color variations. This helps to ensure that no two sinks look the same.

The Puluomis vessel sink is the best choice for people looking to add a touch of glamour to their bathrooms. This golden-colored vessel sink has a unique boat-shaped design. This sink is hand painted and comes included with all attachments.

Product Dimensions - 21.7" L x 13.4" W x 4.3" H

Color - Gold Ingot

Shape - Boat-shaped bowl

Weight - 17.8 lbs

Highlights Of Puluomis Bathroom Sink

  • The sink has a glossy surface that makes it easy to clean up after use. The strong tempered glass body of the sink bowl is 0.5" thick and is stain-resistant.
  • ​The unique boat shape design of this sink helps it to stand out from the rest. The sink bowl has a hand-painted look that gives it an artistic look.
  • ​0.5" adapter, ORB faucet, Bronze pop-up drain, 1 hot and cold waterline, mounting ring are all included with the sink.
  • ​The Puluomis sink does not have a water overflow hole. If there is too much water in the sink bowl then there is a high chance of water overflowing onto the countertop.

​The modern design of the Luxier vessel sink makes it a perfect choice for renovation. This rectangular sink has a strong ceramic body and is stain-resistant. Maintaining the Luxier sink is an easy task as it does not require any special care.

Product Dimensions - 26.2" L x 21" W x 7.5" H

Color - White

Shape - Rectangle

Weight - 40.2 lbs

Prime Features Of Luxier Bathroom Sink

  • The Luxier vessel sink has a strong ceramic body that remains durable for a long time. The stain-resistant feature of this sink makes cleaning it an easy task.
  • ​​At an extra cost.
  • ​This sink does not feature a water overflow hole. There is a good chance of excess water overflowing from the sink onto the countertop. The water level in the sink needs to be kept at a minimum to avoid overflow onto the countertop.

​The Puluomis vessel sink features a strong tempered glass body with a white frosted look. This unique design makes the sink a great addition to any bathroom. All attachments needed for installing the sink are included with the product.

Product Dimensions - 16" W x 5" H

Color - White

Shape - Round

Weight - 16.2 lbs

Core Of Puluomis Frosted Bathroom Sink

  • ​From 0.5" tempered glass. The round sink bowl has a unique frosted design that gives it a special look.
  • This tempered glass vessel sink is resistant to stains and scratches. This sink does not need special cleaners for maintenance.
  • ​A pop-up drain, a hot and cold water line, mounting ring, 1 chrome faucet, and a 0.5" adapter are all included with the sink.
  • ​This sink does not have a water overflow hole. If there is excess water in the sink bowl it can overflow onto the countertop.

​The VCCUCINE vessel sink has a strong ceramic body and a crystalline glaze coating. This rectangular-shaped sink also has smooth rounded edges that soften its look. The glaze coating helps to enhance the simple elegance of the sink.

Product Dimensions - 18.9" L x 14.57" W x 5.12" H

Color - White

Shape - Rectangle

Weight - 26 lbs

Prime Things Of VCCUCINE Bathroom Sink

  • The strong ceramic body of the VCCUCINE sink is resistant to stains and scratches. This vessel sink is easy to clean and does not need special care. A simple wipe down after every use is enough to maintain its look.
  • ​The rectangular design and rounded edges of this sink makes it an ideal fit in any bathroom. The crystalline glaze coating of this sink gives it a fresh look.
  • ​At an extra cost.
  • ​To avoid accidental overflow on the countertop.

​This drop-in bathroom sink is made with aged copper which gives it an interesting look. This copper sink has an easy design to allow the user to install it himself. Unlike vessel sinks, the Sinkology Seville has 3 holes on its body for attaching the faucet heads

Product Dimensions - 20" L x 17" W x 5.5" H

Color - Copper

Shape - Oval

Weight - 10.55 lbs

Features Of Sinkology Seville Bathroom Sink

  • ​With 18 gauge pure copper. The sink has a unique antique look that helps to bring an earthy natural tone to your bathroom. The sink bowl has 3 holes on it for installing the faucet heads.
  • ​Buying a mounting ring is not required as this is a drop-in sink.
  •  The overflow hole on this sink helps to prevent excess water from flowing out.

Important tips for Sinkology Seville Copper Sink

  • ​The color of copper keeps changing due to external factors. It is important to remember that the original color of the sink might change. The copper sink might regain its original color naturally or it may not.
  • ​ Avoid over scrubbing the sink in an attempt to make it shine. The use of excessive pressure spoils the sheen of copper and makes it look dull.
  • ​ If you are planning to install this copper sink yourself then it is a good idea to buy the Installation Kit. This kit contains all the necessary tools and accessories needed for installation. This kit also includes a microfiber cloth and a silicone scrubber to help clean up the sink.

​How to Install Vessel Sinks steps by steps Guide

The Verdict Of Best Vessel Sinks

Among all vessel sinks, the Eclife sink has the best features that make it stand out from the others. Each sink has a unique pattern and color as they are hand painted. Unlike other sinks, the Eclife comes included with all the necessary attachments. The customers do not have to buy any parts separately. The faucet aerator is another great feature of this sink that helps it to conserve water.

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