Top 6 Best Toilet Seats for Heavy Person in 2022: Expert Picks

It is common knowledge that we spend a lot of time in the washrooms! No wonder why it’s crucial to ensure that the toilet should be one of the most comfortable places to be in.

While cleanliness comes as a priority, comfort in toilet seats is also essential since you spend quite some time sitting on them. We all have different body masses. As such, you must have the right toilet to accommodate any body weight.

This article will focus on the best toilet seats for heavy people followed by important features to look out for when you’re shopping for one.

Best Toilet Seats for Heavy PersonTop 6 Best Toilet Seats for Heavy Person

We have listed the best toilet seat below but if you want to know to details of each product, please scroll below and explore them.

Our Top Picks of the Best Toilet Seats for Heavy People

Any shopper knows how difficult and hectic it can get shopping for something either for the first time or with different brands. Toilet seats fall in this bracket. However, worry not. Below are the top large toilet seats you can go for:

1. Bemis Commercial Heavy Duty Open Front Toilet Seat

In many instances, you will be told that you ought to buy from a trusted brand dealer or re-seller. This is to ensure that you do not fall victim to a counterfeit product and get an item of poor quality.

Bemis is one of the best in the market. And the manufacturers have ensured that each serves a specific purpose in the right manner.

Bemis 790TDGSL, for instance, is an open-front kind of toilet seat. This means that it comes with a much larger and extremely comfortable seating surface that is contoured.

The installation process is also easy. You simply need a wrench or pliers to fit the screws tightly, and you are good to go. Durability is also each shopper’s priority, and the manufacturers never fail on this. The seat is made out of durable plastic.

Importantly, the material is chemical-resistant and hence, safe from corrosion. Another key feature worth noting is the hinges are manufactured from stainless steel.

This guarantees that the chances that they may break are close to zero.

Its purpose is to ensure that the bowl has a good grip so that there is minimal shifting.  All in all, it is an excellent product worth buying.


  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy to fix Higher weight capacity
  • Comfortable sitting surface
  • STA-TITE® Commercial Fastening System Never Loosens; reduces installation time, eliminating callbacks for loose seats
  • DuraGuard® is an antimicrobial property built into the toilet seat to inhibit the growth of bacteria

2. Big John 6-W Oversized Toilet Seat with Cover

Building customer trust is one of the best strategies for any company. It entails providing the best products and customers.

Big John has managed to take advantage of this situation quite well thanks to their top-quality toilet seats.

The Big John 6-W is another product that is among the best and specially made for those who prefer closed fronts.

This sanitary toilet seat is specially designed to have the ability to accommodate a weight of about 790 pounds. All this is attributed to the fact that the seat is made out of durable and robust material.

The material is also resistant to chemicals. This means you can use any detergent with no worry of corrosion.

Interestingly, the designers made the bowl of the seat quite interesting. It is a two-purpose bowl in that it can fit both elongated and round toilets. Its bumper is also stable thanks to the rubber grip.

In the long run, the probability of having issues with shifting is close to zero. The hinges also complement the bumper as they are manufactured from high-impact ABS.

If you want an elongated toilet seat, then you will definitely like this one. It is arguably the largest seat currently in the market — the seat measures about 18.8 inches.

In short, with this toilet seat, you will have the comfort of a regular living room seat.


  • Largest seat in the market
  • Support high body mass
  • Chemical resistant
  • Strong impact ABS hinges

3. Big John 1-W Oversized Toilet Seat

While buying a toilet seat, it is important to ensure you know the kind of toilet you intend to use it on.

However, Big John manufacturers have not failed to provide you with a versatile product. You can smile thanks to the Big John 1-W Oversized.

It is one of the multi-purpose seats in the market. Why do we call it a multi-purpose seat? It simply means that this toilet seat can serve both round and elongated bowls. Importantly, it is one of the most comfortable toilet seats ever.

It measures about 19 inches on both sides. The weight capacity of this seat is among the best in the market with up to 1200 pounds.

Consequently, the material used is durable and strong thanks to the high impact and chemical-resistant ABS plastic. Interestingly, it also has stainless steel hinges and is injection molded.

All are made tough making the seat support even over 1200 pounds.

Moreover, the bumpers are stable thanks to the synthetic rubber that offers grip. It is also easy to install as you just need a wrench and pliers.

The designers have made the seat ideal for plus size and elderly people thanks to the ergonomic design.

Also, the design suits the physically challenged. Additionally, the design makes it perfect for hospitals or any other healthcare facility.


  • Large and comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Strong steel hinges
  • Synthetic rubber

4. Bemis 790TDGSL 000 Heavy Duty Closed Front Toilet Seat

While making your ideal home, you always want to give it a palatial touch. This particular Bemis Premium Round Toilet Seat will not fail to give your washroom that elegant and classy touch.

The manufacturer advises that before you order, measuring your toilet is essential. This, in turn, will help in determining whether you need a round or elongated seat.

Regarding brands, this particular seat fits all brands and those with non-standard hole spaces.

Also, to prevent banging, the cover is made to prevent slamming. The toilet seat is also easy to clean.

It is made of high-quality material. It is also non-absorbent, and chemical resistant. In addition, the material does not peel nor fade.

For the lovely touch, the manufacturers have made the seat in a high-quality gloss finish that is easy to clean by just wiping. It is also very comfy as it is warmer and soft on sensitive parts.


  • Elegant touch and look
  • Can fit all brands of toilets
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Made to be durable

5. KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Elongated White Toilet Seat

Getting a variety to choose from is often one of the exciting things for any shopper. Variety may range from color, sizes, or even prices. It is hence important to check on all the options before making a purchase.

This is exactly what the manufacturers of the KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Elongated White Toilet Seat offer.

The seats come in a wide range of colors to choose from. This means that you can have it fit the decor color of your washrooms.

Consequently, the lid is specially designed to ensure that it closes slowly with minimal noise and prevents cracks that may result in slamming the seat.

Interestingly, they are also designed to suit several people and facilities. The bumpers are fitted with tight grip rubber for stability and limit shifting. In addition, the hinges are fixed in a quick-release manner for easy removal.

Also, the quick release allows for faster detaching for easy cleaning and removal. In short, you do not need any tools to remove the seat.

Furthermore, the installation process is also made easy. All the hardware has been made easy to attach and is very secure. It is important to note that the stainless steel hinges come with plastics that match the color of the seat.

Ideally, the seats are made to specially fit elongated toilets although they are also suitable for round bowl toilets. The seats can accommodate a weight of over 500 pounds.


  • Easy fixing process.
  • Stainless steel hinges that are strong.
  • Made of durable material.
  • The lid makes a minimal sound when closed.

6. Bemis Toilet Seat Riser with Handles

To begin, the manufacturers offer what you need in terms of size. Be it elongated or standard; you will get it in the size and style you need.

If you want to fit the seat with your existing toilet, then you will get an extra 3 inches. This makes it easy to use while standing and sitting.

Also, this feature makes it ideal for elderly people, people with disabilities, and those with back issues.

Since it is ideal for elongated bowls, the installation has been made as easy as possible. You easily attach the screws and washers without the need for any tools.

The inner lip is fitted with non-slip strips that ensure minimal chances of shifting and even distribution of weight.

An interesting feature of this seat is the grip handles that are made soft for comfort. The handlers are padded for additional assistance and also a non-slip guarantee for those with physical conditions.

The seat also comes with an elevator composite toilet seat that is durable and can support close to over 1000 pounds.

Importantly, it is split-resistant. It can also be wiped with any detergent since the material is chemical resistant. Modern and traditional detergents are also compatible with this seat.


  • Can fit both elongated and round bowls
  • Easy to install as no tools are needed
  • Grip handlers for physically challenged people
  • Chemical resistant hence unlikely to corrode

Features to Consider Before Buying Toilet For Heavy People

Features to Consider Before Buying Toilet For Heavy People

While shopping for anything new, confusion is always a key issue. You are most likely to be torn between what to look for and what to forego. The same issue comes with toilet seats. Here are a few tips for you to ensure that you shop for the right seat for heavy people.

•Weight of the User

Since all through we have been talking of seats for heavy people, weight is one of the critical issues to watch. While looking for the best hygienic toilet seats, it is ideal that you ensure that you know the maximum weight it can support. Alternatively, you can also note the weight of the user to get the right seat.

It is advisable to get one that can accommodate the highest body mass. However, if you do not anticipate users to be of high body mass, then you can go for the average-weighted ones. Depending on your weight or other users, go for one that will comfortably suit everyone.

•Surface Comfort

Comfort ought to be the key consideration. You want to conduct your affair’s in peace and for a period that you will be relaxed with no rush whatsoever. Ensure that the surface is not very hard.

Check beforehand if it has to be set up with screws or knobs. The two ensure that adjustments are easy in case it loosens.

•Toilet Size

Remember we are talking of heavy people here. Some are very big, and as such, you need a toilet that can accommodate them. There are two ways to do this. You can either buy an entire toilet or a seat that can fit your current toilet.

Unfitting or narrow toilet seats can lead to instability and may break easily. You do not want to keep on spending on issues that you can avoid. 


Premium toilet seats should not be that expensive. Compare brand features to avoid buying a brand name rather than the product. However, budget a reasonable amount to get the right toilet seat with the right features and top quality.

Benefits of Buying Toilet Seat for Heavy Person

Benefits of Buying Toilet Seat for Heavy Person

It may be a big question of why you need a toilet seat for heavy people. However, many benefits come with such good quality toilet seats. Some of the key benefits of these toilet accessories include:

For starters, you may have noticed that some toilet seats tend to curve inside. The main reason is that it is not the right quality for the weight of the users.

With heavy-duty toilet seats, they can withstand the pressure and hence cannot curve inwards. They remain comfortable for an extended period.

Another issue is breaking. When the curve happens, the chances that the seat will break are very high. Contrary to such seats, those meant for heavy people will not shame you with issues such as breaking.

You will have a toilet seat that will provide good value for your money. They will be durable and of top quality.

Safety is another crucial feature. We all want a toilet seat that we feel secure seating on or using. Anything that you consider safe automatically guarantees comfort, which is a number one priority for any accessory you buy — getting such a seat offer you all these in one package.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding toilet seats:

What is the weight limit for a toilet seat?  

Normally, no protocol regulates weight standards for toilet seats. However, the average seat can accommodate a weight of about 430kgs. These are normal standard toilets. The wall-hung ones can accommodate weights of up to 230kgs.

How long is an elongated toilet seat?

Elongated bowls are about 18 to 18.5 inches in terms of measurements.

What is the best toilet seat for a large person?

Well, depending on what you want, the toilet seat reviews above can tell you how good they are. They offer a variety of different options from lidless to back wipes. Go for any Big John product, and you are good to go.

What is a bariatric toilet?

These are strong toilet seats designed specially to accommodate heavier individuals. They can comfortably take weights of up to 1000 pounds.

Can you put a bigger toilet seat on a small toilet?

This will entirely depend if it can fit. In most cases, they do fit but with a raise of about 2 inches. However, they are not that comfortable to sit on.

Is wood or plastic better for toilet seats?

If you want a lightweight toilet seat, go for the plastic one. Both toilets have their pros and cons. Despite this, they are both durable hence difficult to judge which is better. However, both are good.

Best toilet seat material for heavy person

Every person, no matter their size, has a toilet seat that is most comfortable for them. But for those who are heavier and bigger than the average person, it can be hard to find a seat that will suit all of their needs. 

Final Words

From the above review and buyer’s guide, it should be a walk in the park for you to shop. The best toilet seats for a heavy person should not be expensive. You can find a decent product at an affordable price.

Any of the six products can work for you. Go for what is in line with your budget and what suits your needs. For further information visit homebathreview.

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