Best One-piece Toilet Models on the Market in 2022

There are numerous one-piece toilets, and finding the best one piece toilet models for your household may seem like an overwhelming task. Finding the perfect one for your bathroom involves locating one that is stylish, fits your decor, is suitable for your budget, and fits the space. Keeping all these things in mind when buying a toilet can be exhausting!

Best One-piece Toilet Models

Things to Consider

With hundreds of toilets flooding the market, make sure that you purchase one that is ideal for all family members. Since toilets are one of the most important features in a bathroom, it not only needs to be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing while complementing the style of your bathroom.

Dimension and Size

What makes one-piece toilets beneficial is they are smaller than traditional ones. This makes them perfect for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms, and they allow for more floor space. Check the toilet’s dimensions prior to purchasing and pay attention to the distance it protrudes from your wall.

Toilet Shape

Best One-piece Toilet Models

Shape is equally important. Toilets come in round and elongated sizes. Traditional ones are round, while elongated toilets extend further forward and provide greater comfort. Comfort is additionally important in a toilet, as some of us may spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom. There are square and rectangular designs available for purchase.

Flush System

One-piece toilets come with either dual flush or standard flush. Standard flush does not have a variation in the amount of water per flush. Every time the lever is pressed, it provides the same amount of water. This full flush is not as effective at saving water.

Dual flush systems incorporate a partial and standard flush. Partial flushes remove liquids, while full flushes are for everything else. Partial flushes are also quieter than full flushes. Measured in gallons per flush (gpf), partial flushes use 0.8-1.2 gallons per flush. Meanwhile, a full flush uses 1.5 gpf.

Seat Height

Whenever possible, examine the height of your toilet seat. Generally, 16.5” is the standard height. For people who are smaller in stature, toilets that are 16” may be more comfortable. However, if you have anyone in your household with mobility challenges, this may not be a good choice as they may struggle to get up and down.

Seats should be 16.5” from the floor to be ADA compliant.

Is the Seat Included?

Not all seats are included with a toilet. Some one-piece toilets may contain unusual dimensions. Purchasing a replacement seat or a new one may cost more and be more time-consuming to locate due to an odd size. Lids that offer a soft close are wonderful if you don’t want to hear dropped lids, or if children are sleeping.

Top 6 Best One-piece Toilet Models on the Market

When looking for the six best one-piece toilets, we considered ones that eliminate waste effectively, come in a variety of styles, clean well, and have a variety of features. Look for one that is perfect for your budget, fits your space, and is durable.

Best One-piece Toilet Models:

Best Overall: Toto MS992CUMFG#01

Toto is a top-rated toilet with numerous features and is created to make life simpler. It comes with a soft close lid and, at night, will illuminate a path with a soft blue light. This toilet comes equipped with a remote control, which provides various water stream settings, flush options, a bidet, cleaning options, temperature settings, seat temperature, an air dryer, and a deodorizer.


  • Made from ceramic material
  • SanaGloss offers protection from tiny damage
  • Tornado flush eliminates clogs and provides clean surface
  • Dual-flush system


  • Not as easy to clean
  • Not easy to install

Most Eco-Friendly: Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Nature’s Head composting toilet is easy to install, has no maintenance required, and comes with a five-year warranty. It emits no odor and has a large capacity. If two people use the toilet all the time, it will only need to be emptied every four to six weeks. Also, it can be emptied in as little as five minutes.


  • Needs to be emptied after 80 uses
  • Composts quickly
  • Durable design
  • Easy to use


  • Fan may need to be kept running while composting
  • Needs to be in regular use

Most Water Efficient: Toto Ultra Max II

This high-quality toilet has excellent features. Comprised of quality porcelain, it has an extremely smooth ceramic glaze, which prevents waste and dirt from clinging to its surface. This means that it is easier to clean. The tornado flushing system ensures each droplet and splash is removed from the bowl’s inside.


  • Durable and beautiful material
  • Flushing system keeps the toilet sanitary and clean


  • Difficult to unclog
  • Not enough clearance from water and seat

Most Compact: Woodbridge Cottom white T-0015 Toilet

This toilet model is popular because it is easy to clean and is compact. It fits easily in smaller spaces and contains an elongated bowl. It comes with a dual-flush system and can potentially save homeowners 6,500 gallons of water annually.


  • Flush system saves water
  • Cleans easily
  • Compact and small footprint
  • Siphon flushing allows for quiet, powerful flush without leaks or clogs


  • Difficult to install
  • Tall

Best Tankless Toilet: R&T Tankless Smart Toilet

Created to be intelligently operated, this toilet uses four AA batteries. By design, it is ideal for spaces without an extra outlet for power. This toilet is completely sanitary as it offers contact-free flushing. You can have it flush when the person is off the seat or by foot. Siphonic flushing makes sure that the toilet bowl is efficiently and thoroughly cleaned after every use.


  • Tankless system
  • Comes with complete installation kit
  • 1.28 gpf


  • May need to keep extra batteries on hand
  • May require people to replace batteries prior to entertaining

Honorable Mention: R & T Tankless Smart Bidet Toilet

This toilet has all the same features mentioned above, but with a few additional perks. It comes with a heated seat, warm water for a hygienic wash, air deodorizer, warm air dryer, a night light, and a bidet.


  • Bidet has six levels of water pressure and temperature
  • Digital screen controls water/seat temperature
  • Comes complete with installation kit and video


  • Newer model, so there are no reviews available

How to install a One-Piece Toilet

11 Simple Steps to Install an American Standard One-Piece Toilet:

  1. Stop the flow of water.
  2. Remove the old toilet and clean the base area in advance of installing the new toilet.
  3. Insert closet bolts into the flange channel. 4. Firmly press the wax ring onto the toilet bowl. 5. Align the toilet gently, then lower it.
  4. Install bowl caps and tighten the bowl down to the floor using bowl holding hardware.
  5. Hand-tighten the supply line
  6. Install the toilet seat in accordance with the seat’s instructions (hardware will vary slightly depending on toilet model)
  7. Turn on the water supply. 10. Let the toilet tank fill with water before flushing.
  8. Modify water level as necessary in accordance with the toilet’s instructions.


There are many standard one-piece toilets on the market with a variety of price points. Most of them vary by design and style yet offer similar functions to the ones mentioned above. We included a mix of some of the more unusual and unique options available on the market, along with some more traditional ones.

Toilets offer a great deal more features than ever before, and the one that you choose should reflect your personal taste, style, and have the features that you are looking for in your bathroom. Size and space may be a consideration, but with such a vast variety, homeowners should have no problem finding one suitable for their space.

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